RNC Preparing lawsuit

Over computerized voting fraud…

Republican National Committee Prepares for Computerized Voting Fraud Legal Battle

Fortunately, the Obama landslide means that no precincts will prove crucial to the election outcome.

Gotta love how they forgot to mention that Oprah’s vote was changed to McCain.

How many years have liberals been poo pooed for these types of complaints. Now the shoe is on the other foot.

These guys make it hard to be magnanimous…

Hopefully, now we can get computers out of the ballot box. What the hell is wrong with paper ballot with optical scanning? Optical scanner for quick count and paper ballot for recount if needed.

Can they even do this after McCains concession? Wouldn’t he have had to hold off on conceding to preserve this issue?

Give me a fscking break. This isn’t a partisan issue. Many of the critics of these machines are Republicans, and many of their defenders are Democrats. That was certainly the case in Maryland, where the Democratic establishment was reluctant to admit that they had wasted millions of dollars on machines that were fundamentally flawed, even when presented with overwhelming evidence from academic researchers.

People tend to focus on the President, but a flawed voting system is a flawed voting system. Everything from U.S. Senators to dog catchers are potentially compromised, and I’m willing to go with the odds that there were a few very close votes is some aspect of some precincts.

I’m glad this is coming up, because there’s no way they can launch a credible challenge against Obama’s election, and it’s high time they dealt with the great mystery of why nobody can make a voting machine that works. It’s not that fucking hard!

I saw a lecture once by a guy from… Stanford, maybe? Somewhere in California… It was a math / computer science lecture about a secure voting protocol that allows people to ensure that their particular vote was tallied correctly. A very nice system that, from a mathematical standpoint, was airtight and not very complicated. What the world needs more of is science!