RnR Hall of Fame -WTF?!

Alright. I’ll give you The Police. I’ll give you AC/DC. But The Clash?! Elvis Costello?!

This is amazing to me considering that Black Sabbath, the progenitor of an entire wildly popular and influential genre of rock music has not yet been inducted. No Black Sabbath, no Metallica. No Queens of the Stone Age. No Soundgarden.

No Elvis Costello no…what? Granted I don’t know his entire catalog, but I have heard enough to know that the guy’s music is sans melody, hooks, riffs or anything remotely memorable or artistically significant. Boring shoegazer garbage. Lots of acclaim from critics who are “indier than thou” but no lasting influence on anyone I can think of that rocks.

And don’t get me started on the Clash, the band that taught thousands of punks that melody, musicianship and songwriting weren’t necessary to convince critics that you were counter-cultural revolutionary geniuses.

I think AC/DC and the Police are worthy, though I can’t say that either of them were supremely influential in a good way. But again, BEFORE BLACK SABBATH!?!?!?

I know I’ll have plenty of artysmartys telling me what a philistine I am for dissing Costello and the Clash, but I am curious to hear what other omissions from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame boil peoples’ blood. Especially in light of who has already been inducted.

Why the fuck would Queens of the Stone Age be in there?

A) They aren’t that great.
B) They aren’t that influential.
C) They haven’t been around that long.

Whether you like the Clash or not, they were very influential and so should be admitted. Same with Costello.

I think it is absurd that it took The Righteous Brothers so long to be inducted, they were around before Sting took up his Bass. And I like Sting and the Police, but IMO, The Righteous Brothers should have gone years ago, with the Motown Singers and Groups.

What about Moody Blues, are they in yet? I find it hard to take when alot of Classic Rockgroups/singers isn’t in yet, and the Modern Rock groups/singers are getting in by droves.

I thought this was going to be about the Rest and Relaxation Hall of Fame.

I came to nominate myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I do agree that Black Sabbath deserves a place, even though I am not a huge fan. And though this may drop my cool points even further than they already are, I couldn’t name a single Queens of the Stoneage song. But then again, I am not cool.

I’ll agree on Black Sabbath, they ought to be there. But so should The Clash, love them or hate them they were, and still are, very influential. AC/DC on the other hand…WTF? Standard pub rock with a misogynist twist, I cannot see why they get included.

Neurotik, you misunderstood. My meaning was that without Black Sabbath we would have no Metallica, Soundgarden QotSA, etc.

As to the Righteous Brothers, did they ever record anything other than that Englebert Humperdink sounding “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling?”

Elvis Costello loses more talent with each fart than Sting could ever hope to have (thanks Daniel.)
As for QOTSA, what kind of fucking glue are you sniffing?

The Queens will get destroyed on their current tour by the opening band, the mighty TURBONEGRO. Don’t say motherfucker, motherfucker.

And where the hell is Chicago’s induction? Terry Kath must be spinning in his grave!

(Not that he’s angry, mind you; it’s just that the bullet had that much force. Ahem.)

Sabbath should be in there as well as The Clash. Costello, I have really no opinion on as he’s one of those artists I have never really listened to or paid attention to at all for some reason.

AC/DC is a bit puzzling, they had one great album (Back in Black) several good ones (Highway to Hell, Dirty Deeds) and a whole bunch of crappy ones. I’ve never really considered them to be all that innovative or influential either, which are usually prereqs for the HOF. Guess they’re getting the “lifetime achievement” award.

Though I really like Queens of the Stone Age, I hope you meant Queen.

I remember hearing on the radio several years ago that Ozzie had declined being inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame, due to the fact that the fans were not the ones that did the voting. He didn’t like the fact that record companies and peers (I might be wrong about the peers) did the voting, and he would only accept and induction when fans did the actual nominating and voting.

Sorry, no cite. I just remember hearing it, and it was about six years ago, IIRC.

Ok, now that I’ve submitted, I see that Rib Eye isn’t a complete drooling moron…

Jeez, I guess linguistic comparitive devices don’t translate well to the written word. Please read my second post for clarification on QotSA et al.

Whoa…IMO The Clash and Elvis Costello are more worthy of inductions than The Police (only slightly more) and AC/DC.

Granted, I am more into the “punk” (term used loosely) scene, so I am more aware of the contributions of The Clash and Elvis Costello.

Costello has worked with numerous other musical artists, causing him to be a huge contributor to the music industry. His induction is due to everything he has done, not necessarily his newer stuff which, according to fellow Dopers, is less appealing with each new turnout. Regardless of his talent (or supposed lack-thereof), he has made huge contributions to the recording industry with all of the work he has done.

As for The Clash…come on! It’s The Clash!!! I don’t even know where to start with them. They were hugely pivotal for the punk era. Bono from U2 claims that The Clash “wrote the book for U2” implying that if not for Strummer and the boys, there would be no U2. Really, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame write up says it best about The Clash.

Now, I’m not saying that Black Sabbath is not worthy of induction, but musicians have been honoured by inductions into the Hall of Fame only since 1986. There’s a heck of a lot of people to cover. I’m sure Black Sabbath will get their turn in due time.

Aha…I did find a cite, albeit a new one.


This is from the recent news, but I remember hear him saying this many years ago, as well. He just doesn’t want to be in it.

QOTSA rawks, but I have to agree about Turbonegro. They are badass. My friends have a Turbonegro cover band called Ass Cobra. Pics http://www.punkrocknight.com/

Midnight Nambla anyone??

[cough] RUSH [cough]

Coldfire said

This confirms my hypothesis that only someone who is sick could possibly like Rush.

I believe what Rib Eye was trying to say was that if it weren’t for Black Sabbath, there’d be no Metalica, no QOTSA, nor Soundgarden. Not that QOTSA should be in the Hall.
Everything else in that post was complete drivel.

…and yes, Rush should definitely be there.

The Police would not have existed if the Clash hadn’t existed. Sure, the Sex Pistols started it all, but the Clash gave Punk/New Wave staying power (at least that’s how it seemed to this kid in the US.)

Others have covered Costello better than I could have.

Now, how did AC/DC advance rock? Sure, they were a pretty good band before Scott died and they got that impersonator, but how many bands (much less movements) owe their existence to AC/DC (Beavis and Butthead do not count.)
[sub]And my first “since this is in the Pit,”[/sub]

Rush: that’s not music, it’s programming.