RO: Judge Lanny Moriarty is an idiot

You know, if we make something illegal, it doesn’t happen anymore. Right?

That’s the other side of the law. I can only think of two outcomes. Either you don’t miss school because you don’t want to go to jail, or it pushes you to simply drop out. Of course, that’s a perfectly fine outcome for the Randians…

Yer wunna dem libruls what wants more Actee-Vist Judges! Damn yew ta Hay-Elll!

Honestly, I’m having a hard time getting angry at the Judge, this should have never come to his court, the school administration has every opportunity to make necessary arrangements for kids in situations like this and obviously the Prinicpal at Willis High School dropped the ball and showed extreme dickery by filing the truancy complaint without considering Tran’s situation and exemplary academic performance.

In all likelihood the school had no choice. You can’t fudge attendance records, and a parent has to clear any absences. The principal can’t just lose the paperwork. The principal probably didn’t even know of the problem until it blew up. I doubt very much the administration could have picked her out of a line-up before she got notorious.

Really? You want schools to start lying on their official records of how many students are absent? What happens if they start falsifying other records like how many cases of discrimination or violence are reported? Or how many students can pass basic knowledge tests? It’s a bad idea to adopt of policy of concealing problems rather than addressing them.

Besides, if you take Moriarity out of the picture, the policy worked in this case. A week ago, Diane Tran was unknown and was facing this situation on her own. Moriarity bungled it but other people will now step in and offer Tran the help she needs. She’ll be better off for the fact that her situation was reported.

If you’re enrolled in school, you have the obligation to attend. The alternative is to drop out, and if she had tried to do that, she would have had the principal and counselors begging her to stay because she probably raises the NCLB testing averages and hurt their dropout rate. And one less student is one less source of funding, and the school can’t have that.

And, truthfully, as bright as she sounds, the solution may well be for her to drop out, get her GED, attend community college for a year or two, then transfer to a four-year-school. This won’t hurt her academic or professional career, and she’ll get what she needs.

I think you grossly under-estimate the stigma associated with a GED. I hope I’m wrong here, but the assumption seems to be “A GED is for idiots” and I doubt the community college will help matters.

I think that greatly depends on what her high school record was (even if she didn’t finish), her SAT/ACT/whatever scores, and recommendations from former teachers. Throw in some good grades from a community college in some not so easy courses and that girl could easibly be IMO on the road to success, particularly when she throws in the whole “my parents were jerks and I was working two jobs while doing this to support my starving siblings” tear jerking story.

Actually, among people who aren’t idiots, GED also means “Someone who, for one reason or another, didn’t finish school but is now taking responsibility for his or her own education and advancement.” Ditto for community college.

My wife dropped out of high school. Some years later, after sitting a high school equivalency test, she enrolled at community college, transferred to UC Berkeley, and then went on to get an MA and PhD at Johns Hopkins. The university where i teach has a bunch of students who came from CC, and quite a few who didn’t finish high school and went the GED/CC route to get into a four-year degree program.

Yes but she needs a majority…

Attendance for the purpose of funding is reported to the state, truancy is reported to the local constables office. Tran did not get sent to jail because her absence cost the district money. She went to jail because the principal signed the list of names for the constable without properly diligencing it. If The school had made arrangements for Tran to make up absent time and she was proficient in all her TEKS there would be no issues with the state. Nobody, is suggesting that the school falsify anything, you should know what you are talking about before running the fucking hole in your face.

Properly “diligencing” it?

Were you educated in Texas, by any chance?

Shut the fuck up, asshole (eta: not you, mhendo. The jerk above you.). Why should the principal have to vet anything? She missed school, she got caught up by an asshole judge. The school doesn’t, in fact pretty much can’t do shit about her making up absent time without it being initiated by the parent. She went to jail because the judge was a dick. If she’d told her father she was missing school and he had called from work to excuse a few absences, none of this would have happened.

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Yes, I put the burden on the Principal, he has to sign the forms that go to the Constable. A Principal that actually gives a shit about the education of his/her students should do at least a cursory amount of work before calling the cops.

Not to let facts get in the way of a good argument or anything, here is the Texas law:

The school has to report any qualifying absence streak to the authorities or they themselves could be charged. It would seem the law expects a judge to use, how shall we say… GOOD JUDGMENT about the particular situation and what would best serve the student and community. Jail time and a fine was not good judgment in this case and after over 250,000 people offered to hand him his ass on a platter at election time he quickly reversed the decision.

And BTW its very common in other Texas districts for Principals/AP to make unannounced visits to students homes to address excessive absences, nothing has to be initiated by the parent. So why don’t you spend some time shutting the fuck up?

And during absences 1-9 you would expect the Administration to take steps to allow an otherwise excellent student to make up that time so as not to break the 10 absence barrier.

Really? Did you accidentally hit the “shut your fucking hole” button again? You know how much that upsets your mother.