RO: Man slaughters women because he can't get a girlfriend

You want RO? I’ll give ya RO:

I am so sick to death of testosterone poisoning and the fact that our culture has nurtured so many men to see violence as the way to get even and (often) get out. This one has the bonus of being a guy who specifically targets women in general because he can’t get a girlfriend. This love/hate relationship with women is everywhere in male culture. When men don’t respect women, when they only see them as sexual and support objects rather than equals and companions, this outcome is almost inevitable. Note also that his diary mentions “desirable women.” I will bet that it comes out that he only went after hot babes. It’s OK for HIM to have high standards but not OK for those women to reject him because of THEIR standards.

So, three women are dead and numerous others critically and seriously wounded, and this guy won’t have to see the lasting damage he inflicted. Way to go, dude, way to go.

Well, that didn’t help him get a girlfriend at all.

I’m just going by the excerpts, but it didn’t seem that way at all.

No, no it didn’t. Unless by “girlfriend” you mean “rusty iron pineapple” that he is with any luck currently being sodomized with in hell.

And testosterone poisoning? :rolleyes:

I’m sorry but what does RO mean?

Recreational Outrage. It’s when a story makes you all filled with GRR inside but has no real effect on you or your life.

Weird, I was just thinking about how feminized our whole culture is and how it seems to be designed to be overtly harmful to males. Ah well, to each their own strawman I guess.

Truly, it is society’s fault that the crazy man shot up a gym. That is the only possible explanation.

And yet, if he had allowed himself to go to prison, I’m sure he’d have no end to requests from girls who want to be his girlfriend.

As a card-carrying lonely man, I can’t help thinkinh that, judging by his actions, there’s a reason he couldn’t get a date.

Yes, it’s that damn testosterone!


Oddly, this is likely true. Crazy people who get sufficient notoriety, even for heinous crimes, commonly attract attention from equally (but not necessarily violent) crazy people wanting to date them.

Excerpts from this guy’s online diary provide plenty of material for lots of different axes to grind on.

Clearly, it’s not sexism, it’s Christianity that’s the problem.

If he hadn’t killed himself, he would have had plenty of chances in prison to BE a girlfriend. That’s pretty close, isn’t it?

The [del]Devil[/del] society made him do it.

It seems like somewhere along the line it became acceptable and the norm to hold men in contempt. Look at the tone of the OP. Testosterone poisoning? Out culture nurturing male violence? What the fuck? I say that our culture is suffering from acute estrogen poisoning and that it nurtures female contempt and stridency and that the lot of you need to shut the fuck up and go make me a sandwich.

Obviously it is somehow impossible to envision a world where one gender is elevated without the other being denigrated. Enough already.

Dude, it’s white men. Keep up.

Strange to read this story. I grew up about ten miles from here and used to go to Bridgeville all of the time.

Anyway, trying to make general societal points from the actions of the insane is probably not a great idea. Next thing you know someone will be trying to blame this on the Steelers or something.

Dammit Claire, shut up and go make me a sandwich. And iron my shirt. And blow me.

No, just during the Superbowl.