Some days it's scary being female

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a display of spittle-flying, white-hot misogyny as frightening that displayed by commenter “agshasfh4” on this blog post:

From a very young age, most women get used to the idea that there are men who think that any male is simply superior to any female. There are also the men who take it one step further and have no respect for you while wanting to fuck you. (Of course, if you let him, you’re a whore, and thus you’ve proved his point about your worthlessness. If you don’t, you’re a bitch and also worthless. Unless you are less attractive than < insert supermodel / starlet of choice >; then you should just do humanity a favor and jump off a bridge.) You face that attitude in person to one degree or another at some point; if you’re smart you build your world so you don’t have to deal with it often, or in a significant way. You shrug and go about your life.

Every now and then, though, you might be faced with a guy like this, and honestly? It’s like a punch to the midsection. To know you are that reviled, that hated – just because you are female – is unsettling, to say the least. Is this guy going to wake up one day and decide that he’s going to teach some uppity females a lesson with his righteous collection of guns?

He certainly has a way with a certain word, doesn’t he?
But someone should tell him that real men don’t say “snortle”.

Meh. I don’t really see it as a male/female thing, but as a stupid commenter thing. I mean, you see crap like this on IMDB and youtube all the time–you sort of learn to filter it out. Well, that or quit the internet.

What’s particularly scary is that the guy wasn’t even talking about women, and it sort of sneaks in there. In other words, he believes it so strongly that it just comes up in random conversation.

On the other hand, it isn’t scary because it’s a clear case of Internet Toughguy syndrome. I think the Internet does everyone a favor there. The loonies get to tell everyone how they feel without getting a gun and shooting up people. This takes the pressure off so it doesn’t build up to such activity.

Of course, then again, as a white male, in a white town, I don’t know what it’s like to be scared of people like this.

If you think that’s scary, try reading this guy’s other posts. You can do that by clicking his screen name.

Don’t worry, he’d have to stay up past his bedtime to do anything, and his parents won’t let him go out unchaperoned until he turns 14.

I think that if the fellow gets that upset over tipping and waitrons he probably should simply stop eating in restaurants. Before he has a stroke over it.

Don’t tell me you actually bothered to read the entirety of a single post by this guy, much more reading multiple posts.

He is a human train wreck. Don’t rubber neck. Just move along so you don’t slow down the professional first responders.

If I don’t read the whole post, I don’t feel right about voting it thumbs down!

I wonder if it’s not two people; it was odd how in the first post they capitalized normally, while in the second they used all lowercase ( except when they screamed in all-caps ).


At first I thought he was launching into an entitlement rant because he either thinks tipping is a scam and doesn’t understand that wait staff is underpaid because it’s expected they’ll make up the difference in tips, or because he works in a service industry that isn’t customarily tipped and is jealous.

And then he goes full retard. Froth and all. I stopped reading about a quarter way through his second post because he just kept stomping on the same ground over and over while trying to come up with new things to compare her IQ with and wearing out his caps lock key every time he makes a particularly scathing insult. Well, just the same scathing insult repeated ad nauseum, really.

The weird thing is, it reads a like a misogynistic hate-filled version of a wacko tinfoil hatter trying to explain to someone who is obviously a clueless dunce how chemtrails are real, Obama is Kenyan, and 9/11 was an inside job, and he’d realize the truth if only he could wrap his tiny mind around the Time Cube.

No, he should probably keep going. If I were wait-staff, I’d try to encourage the blood clot.

I’m not seeing the scary, myself. True, way too many C-bombs for my taste, especially since the Pit cleaned up its act, but I’ve seen posters on these very boards yelling and screaming just as loudly and their apologists just say “Oh, people are uncomfortable with Poster X because they can’t counter his arguments”. Guy says he served his own time as waitstaff:

and his beef seems to be mainly with that subset of women who post at XX, on behalf of manhood dot com, not the entire gender, so I don’t think it’s time to be scared about being female.

Also, the list looked reasonable to me, so ISTM that if you express your butthurtitude in a blog post where anyone can comment, you’re likely to get the odd contrarian wandering by.

Meh. Men deal with the same bullshit, just as often, if not more so. And they deal with it the same way: by accepting that there are large numbers of women who are convinced that men are inferior to women, that all men are monsters, rapists and violent criminals whose raging emotions are barely kept in check by the legal system.

Of course the ironic part is that the OP in this thread provides a perfect example of this with the suggestion that it is likely “this guy [is] going to wake up one day and decide that he’s going to teach some uppity females a lesson with his righteous collection of guns”. Yep, all men are monsters. All men are psychotically violent, and any man who expresses a negative opinion of a small subset of women must be a violent killer.:rolleyes:

Meanwhile we have entire university departments, funded by taxpayers, dedicated to writing almost identical comments about men. Granted these are usually better spelled and published in bound form. But the sentiment, and in some cases the level of profanity, is comparable if not identical. Allegations that men are lazy stupid, have a sense of entitlement, and so forth are rife in feminist literature published by universities worldwide. And those are among the milder views.

The normal response? You shrug and go about your life. You’d have to be incredibly naive to be upset to discover that such people exist, and that you could run into them at any time,`that these people revile and hate you.

But to react by proclaiming that such people are likely to be violent psychotic criminals? That’s just a classic example of precisely the type of sexist hatred that is ostensibly being decried. Lot’s of men hate women. Lots of women hate men. I suspect that there are equal numbers of both. But only women feel it is perfectly socially acceptable to declare that that the men who hate are actually murderously insane.

Sadly they are correct. It is socially acceptable to say such things, as evidenced by the reactions in this thread. Which speaks volumes about the level of hatred directed at men.

Well, now, Blake, this isn’t very accurate. The OP does not suggest that a violent outburst is likely, but only speculates about that vivid possibility. That is, actually, one of the appropriate reactions to what looks like an enraged rant. I don’t see anybody declaring anybody else to be murderously insane, let alone an entire gender.

And to be fair, there are way more men shooting women and male serial killers of women than the other way around.

I think the linked diatribe is indeed scary, in the pathetic way that a rabid raccoon is scary.

Yeah, the guy just comes off as cheap and angry to me.

Ah, correction. If you do not sleep with him, you’re still a whore. I’ve never understood why a woman is a whore because she won’t sleep him a man, but apparently she is according to all the shithead men my friends and I won’t fuck.

Nah, that’s easy.

You’re a slut if you will sleep with anyone. You’re a whore if you will sleep with anyone but me.

I don’t want to derail an MPSIMS thread into GD, but I wonder what your reaction would be if someone were some to ask how long it will be before the woman who wrote the article decides to accuse her customers of raping her? After all, to be fair there are way more women falsely accusing men than the other way around.

The point, of course ,is that implying that all of any sex is likely to be guilty of the worst acts of the tiny minority is sexist. Many men hate women. Many women hate men. Many women do horrible things to men. Many men do horrible things to women.

But it’s only acceptable to make implications that such hatred is linked to criminal metal illness in men, and only for men is it acceptable to speculate whether the hatred is going to lead to criminal acts.

Ah, yes. These are the subtle distinctions that sometimes elude me.

Mr. Pink approves?