"American women suck"--writing off half of 300 million people

I came across this website, which claims to be a “rebuke to the sadistic feminist pig bastards,” and I was wondering how many people (men) actually feel this way. If a man feels this way, then what country would be different?

I’m still trying to find a sadistic feminist pig bastard confirm these claims.

Judging from places like Fark, a lot of men who have been dumped/divorced or men who are too cowardly to ask women out do feel that way.

It’s so adorably stereotypical the way he actually quotes Star Trek in his list of why he hates women.

My guess would be that very few men feel that way, but the ones who do couldn’t shut the fuck up about it if their lives depended on it. Reverse the genders, and find the exact same situation.

Rejected by 150,000,000 women? I don’t know, guy, did you ever think it might just be you?

I don’t know. It seems to me that in cases like this, not sucking would be most women’s MO.

Well spotted. That is freaking hilarious. :smiley:

http://americanmensuck.googlepages.com/home (choosen for the picture, there’s an almost identical page to the link from the OP.)

FWIW, I like women. The characteristics attributed to them on that site could equally be applied to men and, imho, men are far more difficult to deal with than women.

Wow, what a whiny little snot.

I actually e-mailed that guy years ago, laying out what I thought was a perfectly calm and reasonable argument against his.

He’s a total douche.

I clicked on the forum pages. There’s more websites like this and I wanted to see if this one also has the really weird ‘if american women aren’t gonna change, then we’ll marry foreign women, see if you like that, nah, nah, nah, nah ,nah nah’ vibe. As if the women who express repulsion over their views secretly desire them. Anyway, the section discussing foreign women is viewable by members only. One hates to ponder this.

Is it a NSFW pic? I can open the first but the second gives me “access denied”.

I used to be that way. It’s possible to get better.

I’ve seen a lot of rants like that online; American women are selfish and manipulative, and want men only for their money, while women in Russia/Asia/Eastern Europe/anywhere else really don’t care about such superficial things. I think it’s a case of grass-is-greener syndrome.

I’m not that lucky in love, but I found that women ALWAYS seem friendlier and more approachable whenever I’m visiting a different city. I attribute it to something on my part; I may be more relaxed, and not so worried about failure since, after all, I don’t live there. I don’t have to worry about making a fool out of myself or what others may think. I assume a similar thing might be going on with these men; not much success in dating in the US, but when they go teach English in Korea or visit some other country on business, there’s a subtle change. Instead of attributing it to themselves, they assume it’s the women that are different.

Reading the philosophy page, I see he’s a Christian zealot. How am I not surprised? As a Christian, this shit really pisses me off.

If this is not a whoosh, these ranters are seriously deluded - Russian/Eastern European and Asian women are looking (stereotypically, that is, to a large extent) for Western and American husbands precisly because they are much richer than the native men.

As a man, it pisses me off.

Actually, it makes me chuckle.

No, it’s SFW, it’s just a pic labelled Russian depicting a man with nice abs and a pic labelled American depicting an overweight man at the beach stuffing a double cheeseburger into his mouth.

Not flattering, but SFW.

The first line of text reads:

Just to reiterate, the point is that there are sites about American Men too. The idea that all American women or men can be dismissed so easily is patently ridiculous.

Besides, everybody knows that the REAL horrors are the Maenads.

:: shuddering ::

Do not go out with any of those chicks. They’re just not right.

This one looks like an obvious joke/response, but who knows? I’d like to think the first one (and the many, many ones like it) is a joke, too. Both deserve about as much time and energy as crazy racist sites.

The Dope has had quite a few threads in the past about guys who go for foreign women, and I think sites like this have a lot to do with knee jerk distaste for anyone who has a ‘thing’ for Russian or Chinese (or whatever) women. Physical attraction s one thing, but occasionally there are creepy undertones in these preferences, and many immigrant women get to know firsthand what they’re supposed to be like from men who are ‘tired’ of American women.