MEN: Is this site representative of how you feel about women?

This site was referenced in another thread and I have been looking around and wondering if it is in ANY way representative of a majority of men.

I am particularly looking at the discussion forums and advice given there. For instance, in a thread asking for everyone’s best advice about women, we come up with these little gems:



It’s hard to tell if the site was written by/for Charlie Sheen or his now-defunct TV series personna.

That’s some pretty strong misogyny right there, especially in the third post. No, it doesn’t represent a majority men. A lot of men say they don’t understand women, but that’s not the same thing as thinking they are all liars and flakes.

I’m disappointing Loshan!


Representative of all men? Not a chance.

Yeah, I should probably not have said “all”. I know better.

So maybe change the parameters to “most” or even “a small majority”?
I would also like to say that cruising around forums like that makes me very appreciative of this site. The spelling and grammar over there is horrible.:smiley:

I find the site cited by the OP to be an embarrassment, but I’m kind of used to being embarrassed by the generic assumption that anything reputed to be true of the male sex in general might be applicable to me.

So, short answer to the thread title: HELL no.

Answer to the question in the OP, which is a different question: I dunno, my sex did not appoint me as spokesmale and I’ve never felt particularly representative thereof, but probably not.

Well, it’s not representative of this man. What a bunch of neanderthal-minded bullshit.

There’s a small minority of men who only want sex with women, and who don’t want to interact with them in any other way. I’d say that this site is aimed at that minority of men. These guys want to hear that women can be manipulated by the man who knows the secrets. They DON’T want to hear that most women can’t be manipulated. I suspect that much of the feedback that was supposedly written by women is actually written by the authors of the website.

This site’s just another one of those “Game” sites that promises to turn you from a dweeb into a pickup artist. This is a popular industry because, as has long been known, there’s a sucker born every minute.

(Having said that, the article “Top Ten Attraction Secrets…” is mostly just common sense - be interesting, dress well, smell nice, place value in yourself… who can argue with such obvious things?)

I really wish the second quote wasn’t entirely accurate.

You still there, loshan?

This response is clearly clouded by the emotions and feelings women have generated in you. I’m so disappointed.

Actually, I think there is some truth in there under the knee-jerk misogyny. I think it’s applicable to women thinking about men, too.

  1. If you are career minded, don’t get so caught up in relationships that you neglect your career, especially early on. Don’t put a lot of energy into a relationship that isn’t leading to a real goal (i.e., don’t move in with your college boyfriend because it just seems like the next step…if a relationship isn’t headed toward a desired marriage or committed relationship, enjoy it but don’t sacrifice to invest in it.) Guys can and will dampen your will to achieve your dreams, so be careful with that if it’s not a sacrifice that is headed somewhere. It’s easy to get caught up in playing house, but there is more to life than that.

Also, while you are young and cute, taste the rainbow! There will probably come a time when you aren’t dating a variety of guys, so spend your your youth having fun with them and not getting too caught up in one thing. If you spend years 20-25 doting on one guy that you know you will eventually break up with, that’s kind of a waste. It’s better to spend that time getting to know a variety of people and developing your own personality such that you can always rely on yourself when you need to.

  1. Men will say things, but what really matters is what they do. If they say they want to be with you, but then they are never there, then they don’t really want to be with you. If a guy isn’t giving you what you want, don’t waste your energy being angry at them. People are who they are, they have their own motivations, and sometimes you just don’t fit in to them the way you’d like to. Try not to get frustrated, controlling or otherwise try to “fix” the situation. Just figure he wasn’t the right one for you and move on.

  2. Again, actions speak louder than words. If a guy doesn’t treat you right, don’t be fooled by his apologies or promises. If he hits you, cheats on you, lies to you or otherwise does the wrong thing, he did that on purpose. It wasn’t a “mistake.” You don’t have time to invest in something like that. Figure that he has now learned a valuable lesson in how to treat women, and find someone new who treats you right.
    In short, thinking about relationships rationally is not always bad advice. A lot of women would benefit as well from looking at what they are doing heart-wise in the cool light of day. It speaks to their own insecurity, however, that they have to wrap this up in a sort of adversarial anti-woman guise.

I’m back.

And I am not impressed by his “feelings” on the subject of logic. :dubious:

I don’t think it’s representative of a majority, by any stretch.

It’s like the Tom Lykis Show all over again.


Along the same lines as even sven, I think if you take the second paragraph and substitute the word “people” for the word “women,” it’s not terribly far off base. People aren’t very rational, and actions are far more accurate a basis for evaluation of an individual than words. Not so much because people lie (although we do), as that what people’s attitudes are about something are not that great a predictor about what actions we’ll take in a given situation. People rarely make decisions about issues in their lives in isolation. Situation dictates our actions as much as or more than ideology.

The writer quoted in the OP strikes me as very young and rather silly. Also, as several have pointed out, looking to make a buck from the gullible and unsuccessful.

I think there is some truth to it. I would advise any young generic male never to get married. I was warned, didn’t listen, and it worked out let they said it would. Times have changed quickly in women’s favor when it comes to overall power in relationships and it isn’t a pretty situation for younger men in particular. It may work for a few but you can’t count on anything other than having the life and your masculinity sucked right out of you by the first convincing succubus that comes along. Put a big shield for defense before you have a chance to get tricked men or your long-term wellbeing and your wallet will suffer. Focus on the stuff you can control and pursue your dreams. At least you have only yourself it blame if that doesn’t work.

Dick Masterson gives a pretty convincing interview on Dr. Phil about this topic and he seems to be well grounded.