RO: So many better ways to kill yourself...

…than speeding across a median and doing this to the car and passengers in it. The thing by the road used to be an SUV and the red truck sped across the median, and flew through the air, ripping off the top of it.

So you destroyed a young couple and the baby they were expecting. And then you survive with minor injuries.

Yeah, I know it doesn’t say it, but the word on the street is he was trying to kill himself – and the skid marks indicate he was going ~110. Man, I’m saying, get help but if God forbid you’re going to do it, please just do it some other way.

This says it:

:smack: Thanks. Again, I can totally understand being depressed and suicidal, but this is just is so upsetting and hard to understand. I drove by there at 5:30 that afternoon (the accident was at 1:00) and there were emergency vehicles on both sides and the median is quite wide there. I didn’t understand how an accident could affect both sides and then I heard about it.

We thought the most “innocent” explanation was a medical condition causing someone to pass out with their foot on the gas. I guess this was a medical condition too.

I think it was in Stephen King’s novella “The Body” where he said someone earned the Dogshit of the Year award when he got drunk and killed some other people with his car - I think this guy is up for that award, too. There are indeed many ways to kill yourself that don’t involve killing three other people and inconveniencing everyone who is just trying to get somewhere on that road.

I remember a case in my city, may years ago, where a guy who had both alcohol and illegal drugs in his system went speeding down a street at 100 miles an hour. He hit another car carrying two moms and four kids. All six of them died, the dwi driver survived with minor injuries. So two men were widowed and childless.

I don’t remember the sentence. But if I had been those husbands I might have argued for leniency. “Just let him out soon, judge, only tell us where and when.”

Reminds me of the old joke: “I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandad, not screaming like the passengers in his car.”

If I were a religious person, I’d pray that the Shithead die after a long and protracted struggle with some disease that entailed constant pain and suffering.

No fucking excuses. I don’t give a shit how depressed or how ‘sad’ you are, you don’t take other people out with you.

Fuck 'im.

Not sure I get your first sentence, but I agree that you don’t take out other people when you kill yourself.

There is nothing about normal depression or suicide ideation that would make someone want to do this. This is just weird. I just hope people don’t see this and think this is how depressed people (even severely depressed people) think. Plenty of people who eventually off themselves - wouldn’t ever dream of doing something like this. And not cause they are controlling themselves either - it just isn’t necessary.

You do realize that suicide is a mental health issue and that someone committing suicide (or attempting such) isn’t exactly in their right mind, don’t you?

Yeah, because vigilantism is the highest form of justice, huh?

IF he suffers from severe depression like I do, then your pray has likely been answered already. No, I am not condoning what he did in anyway. My plan would not harm anyone and involve as few people as possible, less if I get the timing right.

They will. ISTM that anytime a mentally ill person hurts or kills someone, others will suggest/demand that ALL mentally ill people be locked away.

Similar story around here in October. But the kid managed to kill himself as well as two others.

Your point? Should we feel sorry for Adam Lanza because he wasn’t in his right mind when he killed children during his suicide?

He’s a Fortune 500 exec: he can’t just kill himself; he has to take out three other people to prove he’s a maximizer. We can’t just be running in place here, people. that’s suicide!

Yeah, and that it what is tempering my pure anger at the guy. The more I think about it, the more bewildered and conflicted I get.

If only he had access to a gun…

I’ve suffered bouts of severe depression, had suicidal ideation, and even some downright suicidal impulses. I’ve talked with other people who’ve experienced the same. At no point did any of us think it was okay to harm another person. Hell, most of the motivation for killing yourself is that you’re such a burden to other people, your continued existence is bad for them, so you’re doing them a service.

You want to kill yourself, there are ten thousand ways to do it without involving another human being. You want to kill yourself with a car, there are a whole bunch of cliffs and brick walls to accomplish it. Drive off the other side of the road into the concrete embankment of an overpass. Don’t aim your car at a tin can filled with other people.

I don’t know what this is. Psychosis? Some form of disassociation where there are no other human beings? I don’t want to fall into the habit of accusing the man of selfishness and evil, but it’s hard not to.

Yeah, I remember that from the thread arguing whether freeway jumpers were assholes. I thought surely we’d have permission to call THIS guy a bag of dicks, but I guess he’s exempt from criticism too.

That’s a good point. In Japan where there are many suicides and no access to guns, jumping in front of a trains is such a problem that they are starting to fine the families to discourage it.

My father-in-law is a city bus driver, and he has told us how he has declined to become a train driver because you are almost guaranteed to have to deal with killing someone with your train at some point (you’re also the guy who has to get out of the train and go look under it, to see how much damage was done).

And something like that here in 2005. Three of my friend’s co-workers were killed. The suicidee survived with only a leg injury.

ETA: You can read more here. She was paroled in late 2008.