Road Rage: what to do...

So, you’re driving down a highway really late at night, minding your own business. The highway is almost empty of traffic and you are driving around 65 MPH… Suddenly, you notice that a pick-up truck is following you. It pulls up along side of you
and starts swerving into your lane. Its a series of little swerves as if he intends to side swipe you, but doesn’t. You look over and you see the driver is doing this intentionally and his passenger is pointing at you trying to razz you. It looks like
they are either trying to play some strange game of chicken with you… or to force you to pull over, possibly to rob/carjack you.

You have a cellphone, but the reception is bad. There are no police around to witness this and there are no exits close by to use to pull off the road and find some. In the time it takes you to realize this, they just swerved again and this time
you had to swerve 1/2 way into the slow lane just to avoid being hit. You’ve managed to see the plate number, but notice that the license plate is tied on just on one side with twine and might be phony.

What would you do?

Also, what possible defenses or tactics can you think of to keep the psycho-in-a-pick-up-truck at bay until you can get to some police?

Slow down and let them pass. Perhaps turn off at an exit and go to place that’s open or lit up.

When you get to the nearest off-ramp, look like you’re going past it until the last second, even if that involves going over the grass to get off. Then pay attention to where they go. If they stop and back up to follow you, then “fly, you fool!” toward the nearest town.

If there is no off-ramp, look for turn-arounds in the center.

Slow down, and hold my phone up to my ear while looking at them so it looks like I’m calling the police.

Shoot one of their tires out.

You don’t leave too many options in this situation.
[li]I can’t call the police.[/li][li]There are no exits or side roads.[/li][li]There are no/few other cars.[/li][/ul]

First, I would slow down to an extremely slow speed to reduce the severity of any potential wreck and to get them to drive on. If that didn’t work, I would possibly pull over.

Depending on how the situation went from there, I may cooperate and surrender my car, or I would possibly use deadly force to defend myself.

I do not think running or increasing speed is a very good choice, because both the likelihood and severity of a catastrophic wreck would be greatly increased.

I would slow down a bit and see if they just keep going and leave me alone. Otherwise, it depends on what I’m in. I’ve had several cars and motorcycles that could break 150 mph. Most pickups can’t do that or get there as fast as I can. I’ve also had several 4x4s, so the hitting the ditch and going the other way is an option, but they’re in a truck too. As a last resort, I’ve got a CCW.

You mention swerving into the slow lane. So there are three lanes in the road you are traveling?

Pull out your phone and get them on video, get shots of the plates.

I was just watching the movie “Duel” today. Very instructional on what you should do in that situation!

I would start with hitting the brakes and slowing to 55 and staying there to see what they’ll do. Most likely, they’ll just move on. If not, maintain speed as close to 55 as I can and hold my ground as best I can until I can get a phone call through to 911 or find an exit where I can pull up to a gas station or somewhere populated. I would not stop unless somehow forced to. All I have for self defense is pepper spray and a knife.

One other option I may have, is that if I’m driving it means I have a carshared vehicle. These all have a GPS that is tracked by Enterprise, so I could try contacting them and they can give police an exact location. But that would only work if I could reach them on my cell.

An old friend who drives slow got tired of people messing with him and made up some armor piercing loads for his .357. He showed me the holes in his smoker where he tried them out, the smoker made out of a steel propane tank. Said next time somebody got road rage he was going to put a round thru their engine block. He is not counted crazy in Texas…

Depends on how much horsepower you have available. As a last resort, you could attempt the PIT maneuver (precision immobilization technique).

I hates posts like this. Why didn’t you simply tell us what was in that “very instructional” movie? Were you just waiting for someone to formally ask you? :confused:

It always comes across as I know the answer, but you don’t.

Slow down and open another beer.

Text my closest friend/relative to call 911 (my boyfriend, assuming he’s not in the car with me), and tell them what mile marker I’m passing and the plate#/basic vehicle description. Texting and driving is rightfully illegal, but I feel privileged enough to make an exception under these circumstances. And texts will go through with spotty reception, whereas calls will not.

Slow down to 30-40 MPH. By all means do not stop - your vehicle is your best defense, and also a potentially offensive weapon. If confrontation is unavoidable consider trying that PIT maneuver. Use deadly force only if warranted.

Hummm, big truck or pickup, making moves, dangerous moves at speed.

I slow, he slows, that is intent, is my phone on ‘camera’ & recording, I fear for my life at this time so they are out of time.

Still no cars or lighted houses around, there was no actual contact with me? I drive on smiling.

( I laugh a lot at people who open the door to violence & then cry about how much walks in. )

Depends on what I’m driving.

Actually, something like this happend to my mom 50 years ago:

Mom was driving across Nebraska with dad and 3 kids, all asleep in the station wagon. Coming home from a hunting trip.

Kids in a pickup decided to fuck with mom, tailgating, passing then slowing waaay down, and when mom tried to pass, they would speed up. Repeat, over and over.

Mom woke dad up, told him what was up and he pulled the 30.06 out and told her to pass.

Mom pulls out and gets about even with the drivers door of the truck and they speed up. Dad pops up, and with the window down, puts the very large deer rifle into the driver’s window.

Mom still laughs today about watching that truck take a 90 degree right turn and out into the corn field.