ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!

I FINALLY GOT MY BIKE BACK!!!::::::happy dance:::::::::::::;

tomorrow I begin my cross country trip… :slight_smile: I’m going up to Cape Cod for a few days to spend some time with the guy I’ve been seeing,
and then I’ll be making my way west… :slight_smile: I am SOOOOOOOOO excited!!!

OK, so God created me; so he has control over me; so he has no right to bitch about anything I do.

Yippee! Andrea’s back on da road! Have fun on your trip and ride carefully! Kevin and I are going to Four Corners next week for the rally there – wish you were gonna be there!


Full of 'satiable curtiosity

Tell us more. Where are you going? How are you getting there?

planning on coming to seattle?

To deal with men by force is as impractical as to deal with nature by persuasion.

Jess… I wish I was gonna make it too… but there’s no way :frowning:

Not gonna make Seattle… taking the southern route once I leave KC. I’ll drop to Dallas from KC, then prolly take rte. 70 west until it hooks up with I 10.

I’ll be riding my Harley… :slight_smile:

O.K. everybody. Tomorrow we start the WHAT’S WRONG WITH ANDREA topic. ;).