Seattle, I'm coming for a visit.

I will be coming into Seattle from the right-hand side of the country on Wednesday of next week (the twenty-eighth) and staying until the third of September and I was hoping to meet some real west coast dopers. So what do you say, wanna help me out? All I need is someone to suggest a place and time, although Saturday might not be a good idea because I believe I’ll be taking a trip to our Neighbor to the North, but hopefully Aguecheek (who’s kind enough to be putting me up for the week) will come in here and let us know on that.

Sorry about such short notice but I’ve been without internet access for a little while now. So, who’s coming? If you’re lucky I might even let you touch me.

Baby, you’re just in time. Summer’s officially OVER. It’s been cloud-covered and sixty for the past two days and it’s not ending until next May.

Woo hoo ! Sweet, pure, cleansing RAIN !

Yay, rain! I love the rain here. The “benefits” of sunlight and “healthy” complexion are vastly overrated.


C’mon, doesn’t anyone want to meet me? If it helps I retract my statement about your having to touch me. You don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Well, I suppose maybe I’ll pick you up at the airport. I’ll be dropping Anna off, so I’ll have nothing better to do, anyways…:wink:

I’ve still got to talk to the Good Ladye Wyfe about going up North, but I don’t think there’ll be any problems there. Most specifically 'cause I got my green card finally. Woo!

And I just talked to her…she wants to go, so we’re good.