roadkill calculations?

i was wondering if there were any studies which indicate what state/town/city has the most roadkill per square mile. I swear its got to be New Jersey. Also, I wanted to know what department (i.e. Department of Sanitation,Transportation,etc) is in charge of cleaning up the street stew, and what said laborers job titles are. How would one go about applying for such a miserable job? It comes a close second to mopping the floors at a peep show.

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Where I grew up (a town in New Jersey, interestingly enough) I remember in high school every day driving on a road with a rather conspicuous dead animal lying in the middle. No one ever cleaned it up (to my knowledge); every day it just kept getting smaller and smaller. . .

not that that helps to answer your question any, but I guess that provides another sighting for NJ :slight_smile:

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Here in Illinois, the job generally goes to bacteria, crows, and the flattening/smearing/evaporative process.

Here’s a more creative solution:

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On Hwy 101 In Marin County, CA., 1/4 mile north of the Golden Gate Bridge, there was a decent-sized deer that was hit and killed. Somehow the antlers got caught up in the center guard rail, so the thing was kinda’ wedged in there with its head sticking up. It wasn’t blocking the road or anything, but it was plainly visible. It was left there for months. This is not a minor road, either. It’s the major north-south highway in western California. 50,000+ cars pass over the Golden Gate Bridge everyday. I’ve also seen large car body parts (fenders, bumpers, etc.) left in the center divide of the same road for years! Don’t know whose responsibility it is, but nobody here is owning up to it.

Colorado Hwy 13 (appropriate number) has dozens of roadkills along it in the late summer/early autumn.

Once when driving on a twisty West Virginia road, my friends and I passed the remnants of a deer. Its remains were spread out along about 1/4 mile of the road. After we passed the last of it, one of my friends asked, “Wouldn’t it have been freaky if there was a baseball cap on the last part of that?”

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Here in Monterey county in California, I dont know who specifically takes away the large kills (deer specifically. I hear if you hit a deer you are supposed to call I think the Dept. of Fish and Game so they can take it away). Anyway, most kills just sit on the side of the road and are left to rot or eaten by turkey vultures or other scavengers. Often many of the smaller animals (ground squirrels, skunks, foxes) get continually run over so they basically become part of the road.

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