Roadtrip to P.E.I. What to see?

Heading up with the folks as part of a family vacation dealy so I’m not the one planning the route. I’d like to know if there are any great, cheesy tourist attractions along the way. Yes, I said cheesy. I’m a sucker for giant nickels (Sudbury) and oversized apples (Bramford).

Any suggestions for “worthwhile” stops?

Come play on my Island! (old PEI tourism slogan)

You want cheesy tourist attractions? We got em by the bushel… Be sure to stop by Cavendish as it’s one big tourist trap. If you want cheesy, be sure to check out Woodleigh Replicas (small scale castles that you can explore and the like), and any of the activity parks there. Rainbow Valley is very family oriented (read: boring if you’re over 13), so unless you have younger siblings I would give it a miss. They do have a few waterslides though, usually with honking big lines.

L.M. Montgomery’s house is worth a visit if you like Anne of Green Gables or early 1900’s houses.

The windmills at North Cape are pretty neat. North Cape is at the very northwestern tip of the Island, and has 8 huge windmills that provides 5% of the Island’s electricity.

A friend of mine just went there for a trip! She says, (And I quote),

“[T]hey’re going from Ontario over, which is a different route … But if he wants -the- schmalztiest thing there is: Magnetic Hill in Moncton, NB. The PEI town of Cavendish, itself, also has lots of touristy stuff.”

Hope that helps!

Oh, you want stops along the way? Hrmm… I never really noticed. When I drive from Ontario to the Island I go as fast as possible and stop only for gas and bathroom breaks.

Are you going through Quebec or will you be going down into the states and popping back up again in New Brunswick? If you are going through Quebec following the 20 to the 185, then onto the 2 in NB then you’ll be passing through Grand Falls, NB. They have a 75’ waterfall that may be worth a gander.

The Bay of Fundy though you might as well watch the tide come in from a bridge in moncton that way you can visit magnetic hill and it’s “zoo” as well.

King’s Landing near fredericton

Flowerpot rock, which is just sad compared to the glory that is Elephant rock on PEI. Come to think of it PEI just has the better attractions: Elephant rock, Cavendish, the potato museum in O’Leary :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, we’ll be driving through Quebec. Though I suspesct we will be doing this as fast as possible, so I’m not sure about stops.

I think Elephant Rock died when his trunk eroded away a few years ago. I’ve been trying to find some confirmation, but so far nothing.

The Basilica of Ste. Anne de Beaupre, east of Quebec City. Quite a sight: the back columns in the church have walkers, canes, braces attached to them. Or, at least they did in 1988 when we went through there on our honeymoon.


My husband and I went to P.E.I. a few weeks ago. We were sucked in by the promises of The Fantazmagorical Museum of the Strange and Unusual - they said they had a full scale reproduction of King Tut’s Tomb. Well, you go down into the musty basement and walk through empty rooms with a TV/VCR combo that plays scenes from some aged National Geographic video about King Tut’s Tomb. The last room has cheesy cartoon “Egyptian” drawings on the walls and a reproduction sarcophagus. It is unbelievably bad!

That said, the absolute best thing to do in P.E.I. is buy lots and lots of pop in glass bottles. It tastes so much better! We spent about $60 on pop to bring back to NS.

If you’re interested in Canadian history as well as cheesy tourist attractions, the Founder’s Hall attraction in Charlottetown is very well done.

There’s a giant potato at the potato museum in O’Leary.

A friend of mine use to go to PEI for boat racing alot.

There is an ice cream store there that is suppose to be most excellent. I will contact her later on for more info.

This site might help: Big Things
Click on ‘by Province’ and then the PEI flag.

My wife and I wenr to PEI once. We second Cavendish. In specific, we enjoyed the Great Island Adventure Park. Very unique place.

Cows Ice Cream… You can get excellent Cows t-shirts there too… :slight_smile:

That’s the place. Thanks.