Roasting Question (Timing Related)

I want to make a roast beef with roast potatoes for dinner on Sunday. The issue I am having is that they need to be cooked at different temperatures.

The beef roast will cook for about 90 minutes at 350 for medium rare.

The potatoes will roast for about 45 minutes at 425.

Is it possible to put these in the oven together? I do have a robust toaster oven I can cook the potatoes in, so that may have to do if I can’t cook the potatoes with the roast.

Plus I’m making banoffee trifle. :smiley:

Put the potatoes in with the roast. They’ll probably be done in about an hour or so, try to get them out before that and cover with foil. You can finish them with high heat if necessary while the roast sits after it’s done.

The roast needs to cook at a lower temperature than the potatoes. Would they be done in an hour?

We always baked potatoes at 350 for an hour when I was a kid (back when I ate potatoes), so I don’t think getting them cooked will be a problem. As the previous poster said, put them in with the roast, then blast them at high heat while the roast rests to get them crispy.

Have you been watching Jamie Oliver Christmas specials or something?

Depends on the potatoes. But as Sattua says that’s about how long average potatoes will take at 350F. There isn’t a linear relationship between time and temperature for cooking most foods. You’ll know for sure when your roast is done when you test it with a thermometer, with your potatoes you can just poke them with a fork. If you want the potatoes to brown you’ll need higher temperature to do that since they don’t have much fat and you don’t want them to dry out by keeping them at the lower temperature for longer. You could also broil them at the end. Drizzle some pan drippings from the roast over the potatoes when you turn up the heat or broil to get some serious browning and more flavor. While you’re at it you could make some Yorkshire Pudding in the roast pan, but that takes some careful timing and temperature for a small roast like that if you want to leave it dripping over the pudding while it cooks. Better to do that after the roast is done.

I always do the roast meat and roast potatoes together. Parboil the potatoes, shake them about a bit so the edges get a bit rough, throw them into a pan with a little oil that’s been preheated in the oven, tossing them slightly so they get oil all over to brown them, they’ll be done in the same time as the roast. I do mine at 180 centigrade - which is about 350 I think. Bonus tastiness if you put them in the same pan as the beef, where they can absorb some dripping as it all cooks. You can throw in some carrots and parsnips too. Are you going to have Yorkshire pudding?

Now I want roast beef…

No Yorkshire pudding…I should, but I may have my hands full getting the rest of the dinner done on time.

There will be white sangria too…and dancing.

Agreed. Take the roast out when done (it can sit for awhile with no ill effect), then stick the spuds under the broiler until nicely browned.

Just microwave the potatoes for five minutes before putting them in with the roast, that’s what I do!

The recipe I’m using calls for boiling the potatoes for about five minutes before popping them in the oven. The roast has to rest for fifteen minutes, so that will be time enough for me to get them golden brown and delicious.

Thanks, all!

You’ll be happy to know I did make Yorkshire pudding along with the roast beef and roast potatoes. The gray was made from a mix and the pan drippings and my BIL was licking the gravy boat. The banoffee trifle was delicious, very rich, and the white sangria…wooo.

Am I the only one that thought (since this is in Cafe Society) that this thread was going to be about Comedy Central Roasts

Just me? ok, I’ll move along then. :slight_smile: