Robbie Williams: Rudebox, oh my

Poor Robbie, been a fan of some of his music, just listened to this and sighed, I mean, what the hell was he thinking? If he’s gonna take a new direction, at least do one where you’re not totally out of your depth, or make a record your grandparents or father would dance too at a wedding party.

Ok, here’s the video, have a look and tell me what you think. At the moment he’s only sold 7000 copies, and could have a damaging effect on his career.

At first I thought it was a Reebox advert, then I thought it was a joke but it seems to be serious.

I cannot recall an instance when a pop artist rapping was anything less than spectacularly abysmal. This is almost as bad as when Madonna does it. Some of the YouTube comments suggest it’s satirical, but I don’t see it…

Meh, it’s not BAD. My Casio in 1982 or so had that beat, so it’s got some vintage feel. I wouldn’t want the whole album to sound like this, but it’s okay for a single.

What was the general impression from that video he did where he ended up, uh, dismembering himself, one organ layer at a time?

He’s clearly taking the piss.

He’s done loads of different styles - don’t think it’ll be the ruination of his career - my wife likes it.

Either that or he’s gone mad.

OK, just listened to it properly. Some of the lyrics are hilarious (in precis):

“Dance like you won the Special Olympics”

“Up your jacksie and split your keks” (up your butthole and split your underwear)

“You don’t sweat much for a fat lass”.

“I’ve got high-speed dub on my stereo”

It’s his piss-taking paean to the eighties.

Just seen the video…don’t think that rehab is working to well. He looks AWFUL!

Still, as a piss take, it’s pretty good
“TK Maxx costs less, Jackson looks a mess!”

'cos Radio was his serious 80s tribute.

Jjimm’s right. It’s kinda funny if you pay attention hard enough. Doesn’t make it good, though.

I predict that Bob The Builder will be at No.1 again this Christmas with Shake Your Toolbox. Mark my words. Mark them well.

It just seems like a string of random, occasionally funny non sequiturs. A typical R. Williams lyric in other words. I don’t see how he’s taking the piss out of anything in particular. I do like the Casiotone bit though.

7,000 singles bought. Not looking good.

Do I detect a bit of piss-taking directed at iPod marketing? (The energetic dancing silhouettes against brightly coloured backgrounds?)

Why you so nasty?

Article about this in today’s Guardian, describing this as “lameoid rap… the sort of song children made up for entertainment in the playground during the 1980s, before they discovered firearms and happy slapping”. :smiley:

I like RW a lot (although most Americans go “Robbie who?”), and I even like the parts in this where he’s actually singing and, yeah, some of the lyrics are funny; he’s a funny guy.

But the rapping sucks. Bad, bad, bad. Could he be any whiter? Agree he’s not looking good in the video, either.

Looks like Robbie ‘avin’ a larf, t’me…