Robert Altman dead

The movie had asterisks in the title, as did the novel (the image is from the hardcover book club edition, which came out two years before the movie).

Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. CRAP!!!

I’m not getting anything when I click on that. But I’m guessing from the URL that you are linking an image of the movie poster, and not the title of the movie itself. See second image here.

The book edition you linked to uses the movie’s poster art on its cover. The pre-movie edition had an overturned army helmet with a cocktail umbrella and straw in it.

By “second image,” do you mean the gray stencil “MASH” logo above the poster selection? Is that a screen cap from the film? (And why the hell does it have aka “MASH” below, when that’s exactly how the logo reads in the first place?)

I notice that even the DVD menu screen shown below this has “MAS*H.”

Yes, that is a screen cap of the film’s title.

Interesting. This link to the screenplay (dated 2/26/69) shows asterisks in the title.

Awww… boo hoo… you mean there’ll never be a sequel to “O.C. and Stiggs”? "No “Popeye Strikes Back”? No “Son of Ready to Wear”?

I’m sure his friends and family are devastated, and I feel for them, but I can only be grateful that he wont be killing any more celluloids to make his pathetic films.

So . . . millions of people, many of them way smarter than you; many of them who actually know what they’re talking about (cf: Altman’s critical reputation)–love his work. But since you, as an individual, don’t like his work, you think the world would be a better place if there were no more of his movies that you could choose, as an individual, not to see?

This kind of attention-whore thread-shitting just bewilders me.

Moderator speaketh:
We don’t have any rules against making insulting comments about artists, directors, actors, etc. So, saying nasty things about Altman or his work, even in a nasty way, is not a rules violation.

Generally speaking, threads about the death of a famous person are more “news” than critique, so I understand the feeling that harsh, barbed criticism is out of place. However, we’ve never had that as a Rule. If people would like to propose such a rule (something like distinguishing between “death notice” threads and “critique” threads), I guess we could think about and see what folks think: start such a thread in ATMB forum, if you want to discuss it.

And, please folks, if you think someone is thread-shitting, the proper thing to do is to hit REPORT button (the little exclamation point in the red triangle, upper right of each post.) Do not play Junior Moderator by making the call yourself; let a real Moderator do it.

FYI, I don’t think a single negative comment is thread-shitting in this situation. The question is what is this thread: a retrospective of a life’s work (in which case, harsh comments are permitted) or a funeral elegy (in which case, they’re not.) I guess it’s unclear, but I don’t see any thread-shitting. I do see some insensitivity, but that’s not against our rules.

I think such a distinction would be silly, and am opening an ATMB thread, as suggested, to discuss it.

Altman is the single most uneven film director I know. I never knew when seeing a new film of his whether I would love it and be fascinated by his techniques, or bored to death and frustrated by them, but it was usually one or the other.

I apologize for my impulsive post that started all the brouhaha.

Heard a brief interview with the collaborator for Altman’s memoirs. He said that Altman was a big Keith Olbermann fan, which I found interesting.

It’s a shame that more directors aren’t willing to take the kinds of risks Altman did.