Robert Loggia Dies at 85

Certainly, we all knew him from many movies.

I’m not even sure what his biggest movie is. I remember him from Big.

Scarface always comes to mind first for me.

RIP, Frank Lopez.

For me, it’s Eduardo Prizzi. Man, that was a great film.

Enjoyed him on the Sopranos, as Feech, the old-school gangster who butted heads with Tony and got tricked into violating his parole… Back to the slammer!

He was great in Big. Certainly a CEO I’d love to work for.


A great all-around actor. Added depth and substance to everything he did. Another great character actor bites the dust.

Exactly. He’s the kind of actor I would have been intimidated to be in a scene with. Just seemed like a total pro. And a great guy.

I remember him best from the miniseries Favorite Son. He was supposed to only be a supporting character but he stole the show from its stars and his character was given a regular series. Unfortunately the regular series wasn’t as well written as the miniseries; Loggia got an Emmy nomination for his performance but it was cancelled after a single season.

He made Independence Day almost tolerable.

My favorite of his roles was in Innocent Blood, as a Mafia boss who was bitten by an ethical vampire who only preyed upon criminals.

His Family Guy appearance is getting tributes that are somehow the most touching thing on Youtube (low bar).

I loved his orange juice commercial.

Robert Loggia: “Yeah…”

In an example of art imitating life, the reason that scene was written was because David Chase wanted to write him out sooner than originally planned.

I remember him best from movies like Scarface and Big, and the TV-series The Sopranos.

You know what a “haza” is? It’s pig that don’t fly straight…with the angels.

Why? He was the best thing about season 5.

But he couldn’t remember his lines.

I loved him as Elfego Baca. He gave us a wonderful portrayal of a real American hero (a bit more accurate historically than Fess Parker as either Davy Crockett or Daniel Boone or Hugh O’Brian as Wyatt Earp or Gene Berry as Bat Masterson or even Robert Stack as Eliot Ness.) It was also nice to see the portrayal of an Hispanic. Yes, I know both Zorro and the Cisco Kid had shows about them, but they had to dress like cartoon characters.

Sadly, I mostly know him from Over the Top.


I only really remember him from Necessary Roughness.