Robert Vaughn commercial

The man from U.N.C.L.E. does a TV spot for a local ambulance chasing attorney. Does he do them in your town?
Open Channel D.

Yep, he sure does.

I liked his cure for baldness infomercial better.

NYC-yes. And he means BUSINESS.

Yep. The funniest part of those commercials is when they cut away from the “lawyer” just as he’s about to say the name of your local slimeball*. The voice NEVER matches.

*** Disclaimer** Not all lawyers are slimeballs.

Wow, you mean it’s not just around here?

“Let’s settle this one” is the catch phrase used in the Vaughn commercials here, as soon as the baddies see that the victim has chosen Vaughn’s favorite law firm.

Then it really is Vaughn?
I thought it was a lookalike in the El Paso commercial.
For a lawyer.

Now that you mention it he just does a straight head shot.
Stick him in front of a Teleprompter and I bet he could rip out about 40 of those things in an hour.
Considering the initial fee, and the continuing fee for every 13 week flight it looks like Robert is doing okay!

So Illya is doing what, auto insurance?

The A-Team wasn’t as good when they started working for General Stockwell.

From the IMDB:

Where are they now
(1999) Appearing in AMADEUS as Joseph II in Los Angeles, CA and New York City, NY

(January 2001) in the play TIME AND AGAIN at the Manhattan Theatre Club Stage II until Feb 18, 2001

also making TV movies, narrating documentaries and doing voiceovers for video games.