Robin Sachs (Ethan Rayne) passed away

Only 61 years old. :frowning: He was one of my favorite Buffy Baddies.

News here

He should never have made all those deals with all those demons. It was bound to catch up with him eventually.

ETA: never realized he was also the heavy in *Galaxy Quest *until now.

Ethan Rayne: I’ve really got to learn to just do the damage and get out of town. It’s the stay-‘n’-gloat that gets me every time.

RIP Robin.

I’m friends with Robin’s brother (we used to work together), so I heard about this a few days ago. Very sad news.

I only knew him as Sarris. Still, he was great in that role.

Wow, that’s sad to hear. Excellent in Buffy and really good in Galaxy Quest as well.

That was him? Wow. He put a lot of fun into the villains he played.

He was also a Minbari in Babylon 5. He was the one throwing shade at Lennier when Delenn was all up in her cocoon. He was great!