Robin Trower, Christmas 2015.

This guy has been one of my favorite guitarists since way back in the day.

Robin Trower with Paul Jones

Same guy Winterland, San Francisco 1975

Trower is totally fantastic; sadly, he seems to only made it to cult status. Too few people have even heard of him, or anything by him.

The last time I saw him was in 2001. It was a very large bar/small arena venue. The people there seemed as if they didn’t realize that he was a guitarist’s legend, and as if they would have been there even if it weren’t Trower, and were a band named “Putz and His Stupid Band.”

Bridge of Sighs got a fair amount of radio play on the album rock stations, but I don’t think I ever heard much from him after that. I occasionally wondered why, then figured maybe it was another one of those alcohol or drug abuse things. I guess that wasn’t it either. Maybe he was just zigging when everyone else was zagging or something. Wikipedia says Chrysalis dropped him in 1983, but there’s no reason given.

If you look at this chart placings, at least in America, he appears to have suffered an abrupt drop in sales in the early '80s. After his early peak, when he delivered three Top 10 albums, he had settled into a comfortable groove of releasing respectably popular albums that charted in the 20s or 30s. This lasted through 1981 and B.L.T., the first collaboration with Jack Bruce, which charted at #37. The follow-up Bruce-Trower collaboration, Truce, was a relative bomb, reaching only #109, and the last Trower album for Chrysalis, Back It Up, scored a disastrous #190.

Correction, #191.

I came to mention BoS, which for a while was happily and heavily played on AOR. I bought a few albums after that…I think what happened, honestly, is that he didn’t write anything interesting. YMMV, but for me it came down to tasty riffs and boring songs.

One of my favorite Trower albums is 20th Century Blues from 1994. I think it’s the only album he did with that lineup. More info.

Particularly like this cut.

Used to follow him around a long time ago. My buddy was his guitar tech then

“Daydream” is my favorite by RT. It’s just so beautiful.

I continue to love his work with Procol Harum, especially on their album “A Salty Dog!”

The album he did with Jack Bruce a few years ago is one of the few old man rock records i like

Thanks to the OP for posting that link. Always loved him.

I came here to post that link. My fave RT performance.