Robot Vacuum

Please give me your opinion on your robot vacuum. I am specifically interested in the P3 V-Bot.

We have a 1 level house, all hard floors, with most of the living space (living room, dining room, kitchen) in a big open area. We also have 2 dogs. I don’t mind sweeping but I hate sweeping dog hair. I don’t want to spend $300 for a robot that can clean deep pile carpet and stairs and ceilings - although I would if it would vacuum my dogs. I just want simple, inexpensive, and CAN PICK UP THE DAMN DOG HAIR!!!

At first I loved mine. But after just a few weeks I found that mine easily got jammed from my dog’s hair. I spent quite a bit of time untangling the hair from the rollers and in the end, it didn’t seem to be saving me much effort.

However, I’m told that there are some models specifically built for pet hair, and maybe I need to investigate that.

Does your dog have long hair? My dogs have quite short hair, there’s just so much of it.

I did see some that were specifically for pet hair but they were so expensive.

My dog is an Australian Cattle Dog

I’m not aware of that one. I bought a cheap Roomba at Sears, and it worked great for about 2 years until it died, which appears to be as a result of the massive amount of hair our Golden Retriever sheds. They sell special models for people with dogs, and the reviews are good, but I don’t have personal experience yet.

In general, though robot vacuums are great, especially because you tend to run them a lot more often than a standard vacuum, so things stay cleaner. It also did a good job on our carpets.

I don’t actually have a dog, but I’m generally in favor of a robot vacuum, especially if I can get a model that goes “Meep, meep, show me the way to your Earth women!”

So, you’re saying that they actually work and are a value for the money?