Robots, Explosions, and Time Machines

In my deeply-considered opinion, top three things that make a movie awesome are:

  1. Robots
  2. Explosions
  3. Time machines

But I can’t think of any movies that involve all 3. Can you?

(Alternate means of time travel are generally acceptable, but an actual time machine is way cooler than some rip van winkle nonsense)



It’s an awesome movie.


It certainly is. One of the best ever, and T2 was no slouch either.

Hopefully, some more examples are out there. There are a lot of movies with robots and explosions, and time travel and explosions, but I’m not sure how many with time travel and robots.

Lost in Space had all three of those but it wasn’t a very good movie.


Was there a robot in those? I’m not 100% sure where I stand on the android issue. They’re definitely robots, but sometimes just treated as unemotional humans.

Don’t see how you can count the Terminator and not Data.

The Terminator wasn’t an artificial human. It had an organic outer layer that superficially allowed it to pass as human, but it was most definitely nothing but a killer robot in an Arnie suit.

It got a little more android-like in T2, of course.

I haven’t watched a lot of ST, butI had the sense that Data is, like, one of the gang.

I’m sure some Doctor Who segment (which show I am oddly ambiguous about) would fit your criteria.

Damn straight.

I was trying to think if that had explosions. Certainly it has time travel and robots, but I can’t remember where there’s explosions?

There are some small explosions in “Girl In The Fireplace”, which otherwise has Robots and a time machine, but the big 3 recurring Who villains which you’d think would qualify, and are usually associated with big explosions, aren’t robots. Daleks are effectively alien tanks, Cybermen are cyborgs with human insides, and the Autons are “living plastic”. The Autons probably come closest, though.

X-Men: Days of Future Past has all the robots and explosions you could want, and a pretty inventive way of time-travel (Wolverine’s mind is sent 50 years back to his younger body.).

Bender’s Big Score; it has time travel, robots, explosions and time travelling robots that explode.

Do you remember how Evil Bill and Ted explode, thanks to Robot Bill and Ted?

Eliminators. Possibly one of the finest performances by Denise Crosby when not wearing spandex.

Back To The Future Part II