Rock Band 2

Loving this game, but I had a question. Is there a way to exclude certain songs from the random playlist choices? I’ve been trying to play on Hard for a lot of stuff, both drums and guitar, and I’d like to limit the choices so I don’t find the first song is “Wonderwall”, but the second one is “One Step Closer.”

Has anyone used the ION drum rocker yet? How does it work? We’re thinking of getting it to replace our existing drum kit (which is the one that came with RB1), but we don’t have the $300 yet.

There isn’t a way to exclude specific songs from the random playlists - short of deleting the content from the hard drive (imported RB1 and downloaded songs only, of course).

They do have some randoms (easy, challenging, etc) that is supposed to keep you to a certain tier, but I have not yet found thier tiering system to make much sense. (Songs that are “nitemare” now - i have little trouble with, songs that are “hard”, I do - ehh).

Haven’t messed with the drum sets - I’m a fake guitar player!

Well, dang. If I have to hear that damn Boston song one more time…

one way to fix that is to buy DLC. When we first played the first version we had only unlocked a handfull of songs so one party we must have played In Bloom 30 times. We bought ourself a bunch of DLC and suddenly we had a much larger pool with much fewer repeats.

Oh, I’ve got my share of DLC, too. Tomorrow’s release includes a few Offspring songs, an old Screaming Trees, and “Bad To The Bone.” I’ll probably buy all of those.

ForePlay/Long TIme? - you can delete that from your hard drive of imported songs - additionally, you can delete any of the DLC content.

First song I deleted after import? Green Grass and High Tides - I finally beat that on expert just before the release of RB2, deleted it immediately, as I never want to hear that song again!.

(And yes, if you delete a song, and decide later you want it, you can re-import from RB1 and likely even re-download DLC from the musci place)

Really looking forward to tomorrow’s release - I havent found a bad song in the bunch this time - really really looking forward to Nov. 2nd as well!

Really, I don’t mind the song. I just don’t want it to come up in a Random Setlist when I’m trying on Hard. I might delete “Green Grass,” though.

I don’t have any interest in the AC/DC trackpack, but I wish I could buy a couple of the individual songs.

if its any consolation - I’ve noticed very few of the RB1 songs come up in the random setlists in the tour - i’ve yet to have that specific one come up.

Of course, its supposed to be random, so YMMV.

I have noticed the amount of repeats in the random setlists is much better - with 1 notable exception - “EverLong” - seems that song shows up atleast once a session, if not more… and we have all of the songs open + 95% of RB1 + a metric crapload of DLC… (and we play on average 2 hours a nite)

I’ve got the ION, and I absolutely love it. The rebound is good, it’s extremely customizable as far as positioning the pads, and the four normal pads are pretty quiet as well. The cymbals are a little loud, but I always crank the volume up anyways. The foot pedal is also pretty loud. I keep up on the rock band forums and a lot of people complain about the foot pedal “sucking”, but I like the feel and find it’s much easier to hit the bass drum notes with.
If you have any specific questions about it just let me know.

When you play on the Ion set do you find yourself using the symbols much or do you just end up sticking to the 4 basic pads?

Any idea of the bass drum pedal is replacable by the pedal from another electronic kit?

I’ve got the Ion set. I’ve just started converting to it - I play to play Symbols where appropriate - and it’s pretty tough to get the brain to switch gears. The problem is that my hi-hat cymbal is positioned to the left of the snare where it’s supposed to be so you can do cross-handed drumming, but it’s charted on the right. So you have to get used to that. But then, the cymbal pad is also one of the toms in some parts of the songs, and then you have to remember to switch your right hand up to that drum. So it adds a new level of complexity, at least at first.

But man, it feels a whole lot better to play. Much more like you’re playing real drums ( because you are), rather than beating on four pads in front of you. I suspect the way I’ll have to learn to play is more like a real drummer - rather than just robotically following note-for-note with the chart, the chart will become ‘sheet music’, and you’ll just recognize patterns and learn to play them. so right/left handed doesn’t matter, you just know that certain patterns are ‘snare/hi hat’, and play accordingly.

Anyhow… We should trade gamertags and do a little online playing. I don’t do much of that, because I don’t know anyone else with Rock Band. Anyone want to set up an SDMB band?

I don’t have XBox Live Gold.

Thanks for the info on the ION. My husband plays drums (casually), and it really sounds like something he’d like.

We’re having a Rock Band party this weekend with our friends, so this week we’re spending it trying to get as many songs unlocked as possible.

At first I’d use the pads a bit more than the cymbals, and just worked on hitting the green cymbal. Then I worked in the high hat. It actually didn’t take me that long to be able to figure out when to use the cymbals and when to use the toms. Whenever you’re in the just basic pattern of the song it’s almost always the high hat, then a fill will come up, :mad::mad: ;):wink: :(:frowning: :p:p, and it’ll all be toms. Telling the difference between the cymbal and the green tom is even easier. The funny thing is that I never even noticed until I got the ION kit, then it was so obvious since I was looking out for it. It’ll also make you really wish you had the third cymbal for the blue, since that doubles as the ride cymbal.
I bought my ION through Gamestop. Turns out their overnight shipping is actually cheaper than the standard shipping would be if you bought it straight through In fact, Gamestop told me that if you go into the store in person and put down a deposit, they’ll order it for you, and there won’t be any shipping at all. That means if you trade in some old video games you should be able to apply the store credit to the drum kit!
If you ever need an expert drummer or guitarist (or a horrible vocalist on easy), my gamertag is Jason666999 (mature, I know.)

ETA: Quickest way to unlock all the songs is to do each marathon challenge in the challenge mode. If you don’t get through them all you can also just use the cheat code, at the “Press Start” screen drum this sequence: ;):mad::(;);):(:(;):mad::frowning: According to, although it will disable saving.

I’d definitely be up for an SDMB band. I broke my drum bass pedal and I’m not sure yet how I’m going to replace the set, but I’m good for anything else.

Name is senorbeef0 on xbox.
Other questions about the Ion set: as far as I know it’s a midi compatable drum set so you can use it as an actual electronic drumset. How are its features in that regard? Is it modular with some sort of industry standard - ie you could plug and play different pedals, cymbals, etc. from other electronic drum kits? Is there a port to connect a second pedal (and a way to realistically recreate a hi hat?) If I get the set, I might end up buying a drum brain for it and actually try to get good at drumming.

From what I’ve learned at the Rock Band 2 forums, it can be used as an electronic drum set, but you’ll need to buy a “brain” for it, which should cost you around $300. The manufacturer recommends a certain brain, and lists the name of it on their website ( The consensus seems to be that the ION is a pretty cheap, bottom-of-the-line electronic drumset, but as a rock band 2 controller it’s fantastic. I don’t really know much about electronic drumsets so I’m not sure what the criticisms are, something about strike zones and whatnot.
As far as using different cymbals, the manufacturer won’t make any guaruntees, and says that it was designed for use with their own cymbals. Something about sensitivity levels not necessarily being compatible with other cymbals. Again, not sure on the details.
There is another port on it, but if you plug another foot pedal into it it doesn’t work. RB2 forumers speculate that it’ll be used down the line for high-hate compatibility, but no official word on this has surfaced. ION and Harmonix have implied that eventually you’ll be able to plug a second foot pedal into the other pedal.
As it is right now, you can use a splitter to hook up two foot pedals, but it doesn’t work that great. The pedal will only register a “hit” if the other pedal isn’t already held down.
As you can tell, I haven’t really researched all of this very well. I recommend searching some of the threads at if you want details.

Regarding SDMB Rock Band hijinx:

“And my axe!”

Of course by that I mean guitar. And that I would be interested in playing, too. :smack:

Feel free to look me up - Gamertag - “AtlasTripped”. I can play pretty much anything on expert (just not very well!), and when my cold is gone, sing just about anything on hard.

Anyone think we should make an SDMB online band?

I’m in. I haven’t had the game that long, but I can do guitar on hard and most songs on expert. Bass on expert. Drums I can do anything without a lot of offbeat kicks on hard, the rest on medium. Singing I’m not sure yet - my friend says RB2 has much easier singing on difficult levels but I haven’t played it yet.

Of course one of the cool features of rb2 is that you can swap around on instruments and one account/character isn’t tied to one instrument on a band.

Does the Ion rocker come with 2 cymbals or 3? Various reviews differ in what they say. I’m guessing review samples sent out sent with 3, but the retail unit came with 2.

Also, does the fill/freestyle mode recognize the difference between a pad and a cymbal of the same color?

The drum rocker comes with two cymbals. I set mine up as the hi-hat and crash. I’ve got the third one on order, but haven’t heard anything about it yet.