Rock candy nipples

Oh, I was expecting stretch marks. Just on both breasts, not only one. And the going up two cup sizes has been nice.

My hair had always been wavy, with a little curl to it, but when I got pregnant, it went spiral, and it’s stayed that way ever since. My daughter is sixteen now!

I also found that I was suddenly susceptible to sunburn in a way I never was before I got pregnant, and that hasn’t gone away either. Pregnancy does some strange, unexpected things to your body.

And don’t get me started on stretch marks. I was nineteen years old, I used up the world’s supply of cocoa and shea butters, along with plenty of vitamin E cream, and my belly, hips, and upper thighs are still covered with them. In fact, I remember my dad being completely freaked out by them while I was in labor (my lower belly was striped with them, and they were still that glaring, angry red at that point). He was convinced they must hurt, and it took me a while to convince him that really, they were the very least of my problems.

While pregnant, I got less sleep, less money, more work,and more worry.
On the upside, “randy” did not begin to describe my wife’s sex drive!

Now that would be embarrassing. A doctor did look at and told me what it was. He didn’t seem concerned.

I’m two months pregnant. I think I’m finally emerging from my junk food junkie phase. Other than being hungry all the time, I haven’t any other symptoms yet. Boobs are only slightly sore, no morning sickness. I went off my psych meds which made it hard to sleep for a while and also increased my sex drive. But so far so good. Can’t wait for all the fun stuff to come (just kidding!)

Question: for some reason, since I got pregnant I have an all-powerful drive to watch horror. Zombie flicks, Evil Dead, 1408, even Buffy. I’ve also been reading
Constantine obsessively. Am I having Rosemary’s Baby?

My blood pressure went up toward the end of my pregancy, so my feet were HUGE. I was glad it was summer, so I could wear flip-flops. They were the only things that fit, because I wasn’t willing to go out and spend money on real shoes that I’d only wear for a month.

And I also have stretch marks on my boobs, alas. In addition to belly and hips, of course.

Lissla Lisslar, if I ever finish my birth story post, I’ll PM you a link to my blog for encouragement – I had a really fast, easy labor. :slight_smile:

And now that I’m almost 4 months post-partum, my hair is falling out by the handful and my skin is super-dry. I think it’s objecting to the sudden neglect that happened when the baby was born – I had been applying lotions and creams galore, in hopes of minimizing stretch marks. Shockingly, I no longer have time to do that!

Whine whine whine. :wink:

I have stretch marks on my boobs and I’ve never even BEEN pregnant! I just had C cups before I started high school. Not fun.