Rock Hall of Fame Nominees

I don’t think the Hall has ever inducted fewer than five inductees for performers and I believe they see five as their minusThere have been more than five inductees over the years, especially in the early years, when the Hall was trying to get all the obvious acts in.

However, the Hall recently expanded the number of nominated acts from ten to fifteen. Expanding the ballot makes it less likely that more than five acts will meet the ballot threshold.

Other things to consider:

-There are other categories. For example, Sister Rosetta Tharpe got in. as an “Early Influence” a few years ago and Nile Rogers was inducted with the relatively-recent category: “Award For Musical Excellence”, which covers people who have worn a lot of musical hats but might not have enough to get in as a solo performer (Ringo Starr, Leon Russell)

-The Hall has always had an expansive view of what can be considered rock and roll. Remember, it started as Jann Wenner’s baby, and Rolling Stone has always been pretty inclusive.

-Groups aren’t eligible until 25 years after their first record (1994).

-Not sure who’s in? Sortable list here

-Not sure who’s not in? Not In Hall of Fame Ranked List

This list has…

Radiohead at #1
Kraftwerk at #2
Roxy Music at #5
MC5 at #6
The Cure at #11
Todd Rundgren at #13
Janet Jackson at #18
Def Leppard at #41
Rage Against the Machine at #47
Devo at #84
The Zombies at #85
LL Cool J at #88

Not going further.

-The Hall has a playlist for all of the nominees at their website.

Radiohead will probably be voted in.

I’m guessing that they will turn their noses up at the thought of being inducted and not show up.

I’m hoping whoever plays instead with only play Creep.

Rage Against The Machine (but just because I’m a fan and I’d like it)
Todd Rundgren

An interesting list of nominees this year, favoring influential artists and critical darlings. The last few years of inductees have been very much leaning towards the middle-of-the-road arena-touring classic rock radio playlist, so it’s good to see something different.

I voted Kraftwerk, Roxy Music, MC5, Radiohead, and Todd Rundgren

Def Leppard: Shouldn’t be in before Maiden or Priest
Devo: Probably the act on the list I listen to the most, but shouldn’t get in before Kraftwerk
Janet Jackson: Hall has no problems inducting pop and/or R&B stars. She’ll get in soon
LL Cool J: Not adverse to rappers in the Hall, but would prefer groundbreaking/influential ones to hitmakers
Rage Against the Machine: Would prefer The Pixies in this slot.
Stevie Nicks: I don’t think her solo work is enough to get her in, frankly.
The Cure: Smiths should be first
The Zombies: Meh.
Todd Rundgren: He’s hurt because the Performer category only count for music released as Todd Rundgren. No Nazz, no Utopia, and doesn’t look at his songwriting and producing for other acts. He’s more likely to get in as an Award for Musical Excellence inductee.

And The Zombies.

My sentiments exactly.

Tru dat. But a failure to sell that many records back in the day, or have that many listens on media like Spotify or YouTube nowadays, adds up to not being that famous.

And Jethro Tull at #3.

When I saw that, I checked the first link, because it strained credulity that Tull hadn’t been one of the earlier inductees into the Hall. But sure enough, they’re not in.

Shit, the opening six notes of “Aqualung” are more famous than a good number of Hall inductees. And I’m just talking about those who are in the HoF as performers.

Note that I do, in fact, like Tull quite a bit.

But, I’m not sure that they had the staying power, nor the influence, of some of their contemporaries in 1970s progressive rock.

The Hall has traditionally been seen as having an anti-prog bias (a bias which likely starts from Jann Wenner). But, in the last couple of years, several prog and prog-influenced groups have been elected (Rush, Yes, The Moody Blues, Electric Light Orchestra), and it could well be that some voters feel that they’ve now done enough to recognize that genre.

John Prine may be the greatest songwriter on Earth but, no, not rock and roll.

Why isn’t the Guess Who already there?

I’d put em in just for Oddesey and Oracle.

Kraftwerk is a no-brainer. So is Roxy Music. I also voted for the MC5, but, honestly, I’m fine with all the candidates.

Gotta admit that I’ve never thought of Tull in the same breath as prog rock. They are vastly different, at least to me, from groups like Yes (which I think of as the quintessential prog rock band) and the Moodies.

Also, I don’t really think of them as being a 70s band, rather as one of many 1960s second-wave bands whose creative years continued well into the 1970s.

And they won a Grammy in 1989. That’s a lot more staying power than most bands that are in. First album in 1968, Grammy in 1989, last album with all new material 1999. What’s the definition of staying power?

Ok sure Crest of a Knave should not have won in the metal category but it was a damn fine album.

Right now Janet Jackson is second last in the poll, which is appalling. A very good argument can be made that she is the MOST deserving artist on the list, and absolutely no rational argument can be made that she is anywhere near the least.

Jackson was for a solid eight or ten years one of the most popular and critically acclaimed musicians in the world. Her albums were some of the most technically proficient and brilliantly produced of their time. She’s behind Def Leppard? Seriously?

No time left for (Guess) Who? Maybe they won’t be there to shake Burton Cummings’ hand?

I’m definitely a fan of Cummings and the Guess Who. But I don’t think of them as a top-tier band.

Bear in mind that the poll (the fan vote) winds up being used to create one ballot, out of the 500 or so that get cast for the annual vote. It winds up becoming a popularity contest, often fueled by social media postings by the performers, or their supporters. When ELO was on the ballot, two years ago, there were several ELO fan groups on Facebook which were actively encouraging fans to vote every day for the band (and, IIRC, they came in first or second in the fan vote).

I mean OUR ballot. We should be smarter than that.


Maybe the SDMB fan base is just too old and nerdy. :wink: After all, at this moment, the other two lowest-polling performers are a rap artist and a 1970s funk band.

Because I can use whatever criteria I wish I only pick Rock artists to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

That’s what it was for me. I don’t think of her as “rock.” Her work is fantastic, and Rhythm Nation is part of the soundtrack of my childhood. Yes, I understand the Hall has a rather expansive definition, I guess, so they should just change their name to Popular Music Hall of Fame and be done with it.