Rock Hall of Fame Nominees

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame list of nominees was just announced.

[li]Def Leppard[/li][li] Devo[/li][li] Janet Jackson[/li][li] John Prine[/li][li] Kraftwerk[/li][li] LL Cool J[/li][li] MC5[/li][li] Radiohead[/li][li] Rage Against the Machine[/li][li] Roxy Music[/li][li] Rufus featuring Chaka Khan[/li][li] Stevie Nicks[/li][li] The Cure[/li][li] The Zombies[/li][li] Todd Rundgren[/li][/ul]

I’ve been screaming for years that Roxy Music was never nominated and they finally heard me.

I’ll try to post a poll with this so you can vote along to the music.

Devo’s not in already? :confused:

Kraftwerk, definitely. And MC5, simply due to their early influence.

Finally! I was too lazy to do a poll this morning and decided to wait until somebody else started one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Stevie Nicks
John Prine
Roxy Music
Rufus featuring Chaka Khan

Screw everybody else. So let it be written, so let it be done.

Only Stevie and Todd.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is showing its age, I’m afraid.
There really aren’t many new nominees to consider, so sooner or later everybody even remotely eligible is going to be nominated, and everyone nominated is going to be elected.
I love rock and roll, so this is sad, and it makes me feel like a relic.

I like Def Leppard, but Priest and Maiden should get in first.  They’ll get the fan vote.  Also, Radiohead, Rage, Todd Rundgren, John Prine, and either LL or Janet.

Still no Pat Benatar or “Weird” Al  :frowning:

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How many are typically admitted each year?

The Hall will know it’s arrived when Weird Al is inducted.

Seconded. We can argue about who started that computer-generated-like sound (I would say Isao Tomita) but they were the ones to really put it on the map and before the general public.

Yeah, that’s a surprise.

I guess I didn’t know Janet Jackson played Rock & Roll.

How is it possible that Kraftwerk aren’t in it already?

As for Roxy Music, please tell me at least that Brian Eno is already inducted.

Not a great list. Good acts, but nothing that really stands out as “Damn, of course, they should be in.” Even Devo or the Zombies – the ones that was easiest for me – don’t have very strong cases to be there.

I’d vote for Radiohead. That’s about it.

Yeah, there are a lot of examples of that already in the Hall.

Take the Zombies, because I like the Zombies. But they had, what, three hit singles? And they were not one of those groups who had a career of great albums but few or no top-40 hits. And dozens of contemporaneous bands were more influential. The Zombies shouldn’t even be on the ballot.

About as much as 2008 inductee Madonna.

Kraftwerk : Enormous influence, distinctive sound and really catchy songs. They definitely should be in although calling them “rock” is a stretch.

Radiohead : If there’s only one '90s band to remember, it’s them. Musically ambitious which is something that is not frequent in rock, and highly successful at it, too. The Clash were “the only band that matters”, Radiohead is the last one that mattered as far as I’m concerned. They definitely should be in.

The Cure : If you had told me in the '80s that the only band from that era to still be huge 30 years later was U2, I’d have had a good laugh. The Cure seemed so much more important, then. At least until 1988. Again, a very distinctive soundworld and style, some far-ranging influence and tons of great songs including over half a dozen major hits. They definitely should be in.

Roxy Music : I’m not a big fan but they deserve some recognition.

Stevie Nicks : Is Fleetwood Mac in ? If yes, I’m not sure her solo career is strong enough for a personal recognition. Still, she is a great frontwoman with charisma and a distinctive voice. Not a great singing voice but she uses it extremely well. If not, let her in, now.

Typically five to seven from the annual “performers” list of nominees; I believe that nominees which are selected on more than 50% of the total ballots get inducted.

I love the Zombies. But what I really mean by that is that those three hit singles are wonderful, play-'em-over-and-over-again are aural liquid gold. That’s not a Hall of Fame career.

Kraftwerk have been nominated repeatedly; at least for the past few years, they’ve always seemed to be on the ballot.

Nope, no Brian Eno.

Fleetwood Mac were inducted in '98, and Nicks was among the band members named in that induction.

It’s the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Sold a Lot of Albums.