Rock Hall of Fame Nominees

MC: So you wanna hear some ROCK AND ROLL?!

So … please tell me which Janet Jackson song would make this crowd go wild. Seriously, educate me.

Janet Jackson is NOT Rock and Roll. Period.

Neither is Joan Baez.

Rock Hall Induction criteria.

WAG-Someone feels Janet Jackson fits that criteria.

Well, isn’t the first hitmaker in a genre a “groundbreaker”? There was a thread on this very topic awhile back and I made a post about how LL Cool J pretty much comes down to whether you think rappers should be in or not. If you support a broader Hall that includes any rappers (many of whom certainly are ROCKSTARS, but whether they are rockers is another questions) at all, he’s in. Period. If you don’t want any rappers, I get it. He was without a doubt a groundbreaker and influential in his genre, to the point of inspiring many beefs with the latest hot MC who wanted to be him. I would say his influence only waned a good 12-15 years in his career after he became more of an actor who made songs for “fans in high heels,” but even then he was still respected by most other rappers and the industry.

Here’s what I said the last time this came up:

Neither is Kraftwerk. It’s preposterous to not vote for Jackson because she’s not rock and roll and yet vote for Kraftwerk, and yet people do. Roxy Music is pretty thin gruel as rock and roll, and Devo sure as hell isn’t rock and roll. In fact, people in this thread have been expressing surprise that Devo and Kraftwerk aren’t already in, thought they are not “rock and roll.”

Hell, technically NONE of those acts are “rock and roll.” Some are rock, but that’s not the same thing if we’re going to be picky about specifically what “rock and roll” means.

See, we are discussing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, not rock and roll. The museum and institution in Cleveland, Ohio has rather clearly and indisputably established that it seeks to induct artists for excellence in not only rock and roll but also rock, punk, metal, pop, rap, electronica, disco, and other direct descendants of rock and roll. If Kraftwerk is a good choice, so is Janet Jackson. If she’s not, neither is Kraftwerk.

Jackson isn’t fit to oil Kraftwerk’s ten-speed racers.

She’s just another in the stable of disposable background pop, high-selling and forgettable. They’re the juggernauts of electronica at the vanguard of a whole new sound. If she’s going in you might as well induct One Direction and have done with it.

Kraftwerk are far, far more influential. She was smack-bang in the middle of my era and yet I can’t even bring a song of hers easily to mind. I thought of “opposite attract” but then realised that was Paula Abdul. Even she lingered longer in the memory.

As someone said upthread, it’s the Hall of Fame.

Janet Jackson is famous. Not only has she sold a shitload of records, but people like me who have no idea what her stuff sounds like, know who she is. (And had heard of her well before the ‘wardrobe malfunction.’) At least in the U.S.A., Kraftwerk is not famous at all. If you went down to the local McDonalds and asked the customers waiting in line who Kraftwerk is, good luck with that.

Black Cat.

Somehow I’m ok with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to roll that one, I’m fine with it. My personal grouping of genres has Kraftwerk closer to rock (I mean, they’re even often associated with “krautrock”), so, to my sense, it’s logical to lop them into rock, and not so much Janet Jackson, but I’m happy to excise both, if needbe.
Oh, and I just realized, after looking at the poll again and seeing the italics, I also voted for Todd Rundgren. Don’t know why I didn’t mention it before and thought for a sec I made a mistake in not voting for him.

The title of the poll is “Which nominees do you want inducted?” It’s not “Who will get inducted” or “Under the current rules and precedent set by the hall who should be inducted?” I picked who I want. If it was who I think will get picked I would say Janet Jackson would be at the top of the list.

“I have seen the future of Rock and Roll. It’s Kraftwerk, so leave me alone, guys.” --Bruce Springsteen, 1977.

Well then, seeing as it has no Tull, no Kraftwerk, no Radiohead, no Eno I’d suggest that all of those artists invoke the “Groucho rule” and refuse to join anyway even if asked.

That’s pretty much what happened

If you aren’t familiar with her work, fair enough, but you aren’t familiar with her work. She was not remotely disposable pop and can’t be seriously compared to One Direction. That’s like comparing Kraftwerk with Yello.

Todd Rundgren has plenty of songs that are definitely “Rock and Roll”.

I’m pretty confident that she’ll be gone and forgotten long before the others on my list.

Certainly she was popular and she danced a lot. Thats about it. Nothing ground-breaking or of huge lasting merit. The comparison with one direction is apt, the comparison of Yello with Kraftwerk is not.

I’ve seen no mention of Joe Jackson, here or elsewhere.

Am I his only fan?

It’s unfortunate but apparently Janet Jackson is likely to get in before him,I’m not sure what criteria they’re using but it seems like it’s different for girls.