"Rock my Soul in the Bosom of Abraham"

What is the meaning of this song?

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“Bosom of Abraham” refers to the place of comfort in sheol (Greek: Hades) where the Jews said the righteous dead awaited Judgment Day.

Yeah, bosom of Abraham is, or was, a common way of referring to the afterlife of the righteous. The sore-covered beggar in the parable with the rich man is usually described as resting in the bosom of Abraham when he hears the cries of the rich man in eternal torment. And rocking one’s soul in this instance implies a cradling of the spirit, rather than the more contemporary meaning of raucous partyingl

Right. For another example: “The sons of Edward sleep in Abraham’s bosom” - Shakespeare’s Richard III, referring to the princes who were killed on his order.

To understand the literal meaning of the phrase, you have to look a little at society in classic times. Meals were often eaten while reclining on couches, and the main guest’s couch would be located such that his head was close to the head of the host - right in his face, as it were. To be thus “in the bosom” of the host thus indicated that you were a favored person indeed.

Nothing about breasts, then?

Not unless Abraham has man-boobs.

Were you getting all hopeful when you heard about it being


It’s a really fun song to sing in Girl Scouts. “OOOOOH, rocka my soul!”