Rock Star INXS 7/19

Did anyone else see this week’s main performance show last night?

I thought Suzie’s version of “Roxanne” was pretty good. Neal’s attempt to get “melodic” shows that either a) he really doesn’t know what the word means or b) he’s just flat-out incapable of being melodic. Jessica’s “Purple Haze” was totally WTF for me.

According to the local news that followed, Ty is a local boy – they had some tape of him as a middle-schooler doing … damn, can’t remember now – “Over the Rainbow” maybe? It was pretty surreal.

I laugh at Neal.

Really, a week in, my initial enthusiasm & (apparently too optiministic) faith in INXS’s musical sense have been joined by a great dollop of snide amusement. There are some goofy people in this competition. Fortunately, there are some good singers, too.

Suzie has proven that she can sing better, & in a greater range of styles, than much of the competition. What really gets me about her is that she has really loud facial expressions. She’s a trip.

I think Deanna & J.D. are proving that their voices are cooler than they are. But for lead singers, that’s about right.

Also, Ty & J.D. veer from totally self-absorbed onstage to annoying suck-ups when speaking to the band. I even mock them.

And, were I a girl, I would be frighteningly in love with MiG.

Oh, I think J.D. may have effed up a little bit with his blatant ass-kissing. There weren’t too many spectacular performances last night. I thought Ty sounded really bad, and Neal was awful and repulsive. I still love Jordis’s voice and I think she’s going to be around for a while on this show. Which, apparently, we may be the only people watching right now.

In general, the band/Navarro comments were entirely too positive last night. I don’t need Simon Cowell-level performance evaluations, but I’d like to hear something a little more honest than “You rocked it!”

Neal has no pitch. None. You would think that by random chance alone he would get one note on pitch. Nope.

Jordis is just awesome. I don’t think there’s anything her voice can’t do, except suck.

Mig seemed like he was too focused on getting the words out. There wasn’t any spark there. Still, that’s a way hard song.

Deanna disappointed me a bit. She didn’t suck that bad at the song, but she was so not into it and it came across.

I actually like JD’s performances, but I agree that the kiss ass stuff has got to go.

The blond who is not Suzie (what is her name) seems nice but out of her league. She didn’t really suck (like Neal), but she seemed more like a good karioke performer than a lead singer.

The guy who looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo is freaking me out. In a very bad way.

I don’t remember much about the others.

Neal is such a freakin’ tool.

May we be done with him now? Please?

Tara’s safe.

I like Jessica’s voice, but I agree, she’s definitely out of her league.

Daphna’s mannered prowling around the stage was distracting. It looked like she was doing some goofy version of tai chi.

Yay! My bottom 3 were the bottom 3! And Neal’s out!

Sometimes it’s so nice to be right.

I did briefly think, “It’s a shame we can’t just cut all three right now.” I don’t think either Jessica or Tara will win, anyway.

But, Tara did decently tonight, & Jessica does have an okay voice.

Jessica, despite singing kind of weakly, at least varied her look & act, & showed there’s a little Stevie Nicks in her voice.

Now if Tara will stop trying to prove she has such massive range, & Jessica will show she has more range, I might almost take them seriously.

I, too, am glad that Neal got the boot this week. His range went from Young Mick Jagger to Old Mick Jagger. Hell, he even did the chicken-wing strut that Mick was famous for! Total tool.

Brandon breaking down and crying about Neal leaving was a bit over the top. His performances have been OK, but nothing spectacular.

Jordis and Heather and Ty have been the most consistently impressive performers, I think. I’m guessing that they will be the final three contestants.

I like that Jordis stuck with her own style and was able to mix it up, as far as song selection. Same with Heather. (Plus, she’s a redhead…rrrwooooarrr!) But I think that Heather needs to work a little bit more on her stage presence.

I’m wondering if Ty is going to slow it down and do a ballad or something next time; the band was critical of him for selecting high-energy rockers each time out. No denying he has a powerful voice and stage presence, though. If he can pull off a ballad convincingly, he may be a sure thing.

JD has been putting the most effort in working with the band and that’s paying off for him, but I just don’t like his vocal delivery…and he overdid the “peace sign” thing for “Hand in pocket” in my opinion. He seems like he’s trying too hard.

I don’t think Deanna really has the vocal range to pull it off.

Suzie, sorry to say, just seems too emotionally fragile to handle the pressure. I can imagine her freezing up during a performance and getting herself eliminated.

Tara doesn’t impress me much. Daphna is scary. Marty has some weird robot dance that he does onstage, but he seems OK. MiG has his moments, but I don’t know about him being a contender for the grand prize.

Yay! Blogs are up on the site!
And yes, I do mock Brandon’s pain. Heh.

But really, I just wanted to quote this from the official board, in one of the umpteen “NoAWomanCan’tInvadeMyINXSWetDreamWellMaybeJordisIsOK” threads:

Mig is just horrible. I’m still standing by my assertation that a professional actor should not have been Australia’s sole contribution to this thing. Especially seeing as he’s really not doing very well in the singing stakes at all.

JD’s been great since that first performance, where he did seem to be a bit psycho all over the place. Jordis I’m loving all over. And I’m having a bit of a girl-crush on Heather at the moment, plus loving the voice. The rest are more or less a bit ‘meh’. Sometimes they’re okay, sometimes they’re pretty crapola. I’ve liked Ty’s performances, but I really don’t think he’s going to fit into the band. I hope he gets some other record/band deal out of this.

Also - Mig’s claiming his hometown as “London” on the webpage, so it’s pretty damned cheap of them to tout him as being Australian all the time. Ass. I hate him. Hate with rage.