Rockstar/Popstar signature stage moves and sayings

Many performers have something they say or do in concert that they’re known for. For example there’s David Lee Roth’s proclamation, “Look at all the people here tonight!”. Nils Lofgren did a “flip”. Roger Daltrey closes shows by wishing the audience "Be Lucky!" (his bandmate has a few signature moves of his own…)

What other groups or artists have their own idiosyncratic bit of stagecraft?

Michael Jackson’s moonwalk? Stevie Nicks’ twirling?

Elvis the pelvis!

Dio was responsible for introducing the sign of the horns to heavy metal audiences and used it for most of his career.

Angus Young “strutting” across the stage as if he’s race-walking.

One of the most famous is James Brown’s collapse on stage, replete with his hype man throwing a cape over his shoulders and helping the Godfather of Soul to his feet, shuffling off stage, only the be REVIVED by the Power of Funk to dash back to the mic, do a signature mic stand tip-and-grab, then scream his strangled Yeeeaaahhhhh!!! to a hungry audience.

Never follow James Brown on a bill.
Oh, and Jimi set his guitar on fire.

Which reminds me of Chuck Berry’s duck walk.

Mick Jagger’s chicken strut. Not sure if that’s the right term, but you can picture it.

MJ’s crotch-grab was a bit more enevelope-pushing, or something, and yes, SN always seemed to like twirling a lot, with lots of black lace.

Was always :rolleyes: by that sneering Billy Idol diptstick and his lame-ass boxing choreography.

John Lennon enjoyed less pc times here.

Roger Waters’ shriek.
Peter Townshend’s windmill.
Jimmy Page’s doubleneck and bow.

Todd Rundgren does his “spin jump” in just about every show.

Depeche Mode’s angular posturing.

Mainly known as a stand-up, hoping Niel Hamburger can qualify as a popstar with his crossover into other shit, and his saying “That’s, myyyy, liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife…”
[best use of props ever, btw, (thread idea?) with his multi-drink-holding.]

Lemmy opening shows with “We are Motörhead… and we play rock and roll!”

Jerry Lee Lewis and his antics. Johnny Cash, always turning his back and holding his guitar high on his chest. When the Beatles were playing in Hamburg before they really hit it big, there was another Beatle, Stuart Sutcliffe, he really couldn’t play the guitar (maybe bass guitar) well, so he turned his back on the audience.

I always thought that clip of John Lennon was acting monkey-like.

Rhett Miller of Old 97s does a sort of mini-windmill while playing rhythm guitar – rotating at the elbow rather than the shoulder.

Ian Anderson standing on one leg while playing.
Joe Cocker windmilling his arms.
Roger Daltrey swinging the mic around over his head

From a 1971 JL Rolling Stone i-view reprinted in Crave:

Ok not even remotely a pop star but this thread would be sorely remiss in neglecting to acknowledge the Steve Ballmer Forearm Flail.

Axl’s snakedance

Jerry Lee would go nuts, kick the stool out, start playing with different body parts, and light the piano on fire with lighter fluid.

That having been said, in Nik Cohn’s book on rock and roll he describes JL at a show in England where he reached to pull a comb out and comb his long blonde lock back, and the crowd turned on him. It wasn’t rock and roll. It was during the trip where he got scandalized though so who knows. He probably did it in the states and it went over well.

Miles was known for turning his back to the audience and I saw him do it once.

Arthur Brown used to perform with his head on fire in 1968. :eek: And I think he’s still doing it to this day.