Rockstar/Popstar signature stage moves and sayings

Speaking of hair on fire, a classic era KISS concert would never be complete without Gene breathing fire and spitting up blood!

It’s like a rooster on acid.

Later (Vegas) Elvis had that “pose.” And then he left the building.

Keith Emerson stabbing his Hammond organ with daggers.

Carl Palmer would take off his shirt halfway through his drum solo. The first time was only because he felt hot & sweaty; but it got such a huge cheer from the audience, it became his signature move.

Neil Peart throwing sticks 20 feet in the air and catching them.

Freddie Mercury holding the top half of a microphone stand, and using it as a baton / staff / prop. (This apparently came from an on-stage equipment malfunction early in his career, when the mic stand came apart, and he decided he liked it.)

And, Mercury donning a crown and cape as Queen’s rendition of “God Save the Queen” played at the end of their concerts.

If you want to stretch it to Liberace, he had a routine about getting a nasty review and crying to the bank. In later years he amended it to “remember that bank I went to? I now own it”.
Sha Na Na had a bit where they would say “we have one thing to say to you f******g hippies: Rock and Roll is here to stay!” and break into “Rock and Roll is here to stay”.

Rob Halford of Heavy Metal band Judas Priest riding a motorcycle on stage.

**Paul Quinn **of British Heavy Metal band Saxon used to mount his guitar strap centrally so he could spin it like a propellor. I’ve seen ZZ Top do the same.

Wilco Johnson of Dr Feelgood raising his guitar to his shoulder like a rifle. I’ve seen Lemmy of Motörhead do the same. Wilco also had his own, jerky, version of the ‘duck walk’.

Heavy Metal band Iron Maiden always have some variation on the horrific mascot Eddie.

British Eurovision winners and pop band Bucks Fizz had a dance routine where the two male members would dance with the two female members and while the girls did a twirl their skirts would be ripped off… It was a different time.


Billy Joel closes each concert with “don’t take any shit from anyone”

-The Ramones

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson - “Scream for me…(insert town name here)”

Pete’s windmill has been mentioned, but not his birdman, powerslide, or guitar demolition.

The guitar players in Gene Vincent’s band would all get down on their knees and flail around on the stage as seen here: Long Tall Sally, Brussels 1963

David Lee Roth’ s mid-air split off the drum riser back in the day.

That’s a little ironic, and a couple hours too late.

I don’t get your reference. Would you please elaborate?

Maynard James Keenan is notorious for this as well, when he’s playing with Tool. He either stays in the shadows, in line with the band rather than in front of the band, or sings the entire show with his back to the audience. The alleged reason is because his eyes are light-sensitive. I think he wants the audience to focus on the music, not on his “antics.” Or it’s to piss off Tool fans, who are insufferable (and I’m one of them!).

I’ve seen him play with A Perfect Circle and Puscifer and he doesn’t really do that with either band. Only with Tool.

Natalie Merchant, twirling, twirling, twirling toward freedom.

Natalie Merchant or Stevie Nicks…Who is the better twirler?

How about Tom Jones collecting panties thrown onstage by his adoring (mostly) female fans? (To be fair, that’s more of an audience thing, but it did tend to happen at all his shows.)

Billy Joel getting done with a concert:

“Don’t take any shit!”

Audience member “Too late!”

Morrison had his “one leg hop and twirl” which Val Kilmer perfected for “The Doors” movie.