Roe v. Wade: Gone

The title says it all. The only surprise is that Roberts joined the majority 6-3 decision. The court is having quite a week. What comes next? Environmental laws out since the constitution says nothing about them?

I’d like to think there will be a mass exodus of women and progressive people out of red states leaving them devoid of tax bases and populated entirely by racists, rubes on unemployment, and retired elderly people, but that’s probably unlikely.

A federal ban on all abortions will be place within 5 years (maybe even 2).

Gay marriage will be eliminated.

Segregation will be allowed/enforced at the state level again.

That’s a good way to end up with red-state rule forever.

Personally I hope that this will be enough to shock Dem voters into turning out to vote, so we can flip more red states blue. I was shocked to see it could be done in Georgia, and if can be done here, we can do it elsewhere.

Their side won their goal and maybe they will get lazy. We have the bloody nose, hopefully that will energize us.

Obergefell is absolutely going to be next on the chopping block.

Considering that the Texas GOP’s recently released party platform also calls for the permanent repeal of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, we can tell where their head is at for future plans.

Agree. It’s a fact there are more Democratic voters in the country than Republican. The key is to get those votes to count by getting more Democrats to vote in key states and key areas of the country - there needs to be a massive effort buoyed by today’s decision to get Democrats to the polls. We have the numbers, now we need to convert that into votes.

I don’t think the Republicans can get the Senate votes for a federal ban in 2022, but they can in 2024. Gay marriage is next on the chopping block, of course.

Racial segregation, however, isn’t after that. Religious discrimination is where Republicans want to go. Religious bigots are in control and they’re obsessed with Christian supremacy.

Women have officially been relegated to second-class citizens that have no control over their own bodies. This proves that the US is a genuinely conservative Christian country, regardless of what the constitution says. If you don’t happen to be a conservative Christian, you’re out of luck, and I suggest you keep a low profile. You may be next.

Progressive women with money can already leave to get an abortion without tearing up their families. The ruling affects poor women who can’t easily leave. And most places already have residency rules about people moving to states and immediately getting benefits.

What you really want is tons of blue women moving into those states and changing their legislators. Sending a couple of million families from New York and California wouldn’t hurt those states but could make a huge difference in Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

Suicides and murders of young women increase in 3…2…1…

I guess states can now finally outlaw back-alley abortions!

Well, isn’t a big part of the Republicans’ strategy to make sure that votes are only counted when there are more Republican votes, and declare fraud and invalidate results when there are not?

Yes, the whole voter subversion strategy. That’s why it’s important to get Democratic voters to the polls to vote in overwhelming numbers that leave no doubt, as was done in 2020. Especially in areas where it could be close. The Republicans are counting on close elections where slight-of-hand can be employed to tip the scales in their favor. If the margin is too great it’s going to be harder to cheat.

I don’t think so. The Dobbs decision today throws doubt on the use of the due process clause to protect various individual rights, but as far as I know the body of law regarding environmental regulation rests on the commerce clause. So they are separate.


5-4, roberts was the 4th vote dissenting.


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