Roger Stone Guilty on All Counts

Not much else I can add.


Recently-convicted Trump associates (all coming out of Mueller investigation, I think):

  • Paul Manafort
  • Michael Flynn
  • Rick Gates
  • George Papadopoulos
  • Michael Cohen
  • Roger Stone

“Get Me Roger Stone” is a fascinate documentary.

Think he gets a pardon? Trump has been surprisingly stingy with the pardons. What does he have to lose, especially at this point?

It was. That’s why this conviction gives me such a deep sense of satisfaction.

May he rot.

*nitpick. It’s reported that Trump is about to pardon some war criminals.

Washington Post, via Stars and Stripes:

Shimon Prokupecz, journalist:

That would probably have hurt Stone more than anything.

I’m sure he’ll look smashing in orange.


When’s the sentencing date?

It’s Feb 6. The prosecution wanted him in custody immediately, since he keeps breaking the conditions of his bond. Yesterday he was in touch with Alex Jones (AKA “a reporter”, which is verboten).

After cert is denied and shortly before the pardon is granted.

That’s not how Trump thinks. He’s asking what does he have to gain from pardoning somebody.

A short message to Roger Stone, his lawyers, and friends:

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck yoooooooooou!

And oh yeah, maybe you can reunite with Individual Number One in early 2021.

Pardon Roger who?.. Never heard of him… he was only involved with the campaign long enough for a coffee and donut. I heard he took a box of donuts before he left. Very dishonest guy. People say he voted for Hillary.

If Stone’s pardoned, he can be compelled to testify.

Trump might still be dumb enough to do it.

So either way Stone is bound for a long prison stretch - either on these charges or on Contempt charges when he refuses to testify.

Most successful witch hunt in the history of witch hunts. All these witches found to be witches by an actual impartial jury.

I thought that witch hunt was supposed to be a situation where you try to pin bad things on innocent (non-witch) people, and yet here we are. Maybe the term witch hunt should be retired by the president’s supporters (and the president himself) at this point?

I think Esquire said it best: