Rogert Ebert

I was watching “At the Movies” this weekend, and noticed something a little off about Roger Ebert. The right side of his face is quite slack - something that I think is new. Did he have a stroke recently? The only other thing I can think of is Bells-Palsey, but I’m not sure if you can develop that condition.

Does anyone have any inside scoop?

Thyroid cancer.

Little suprise about the face knowing this.
Located in the lower part of the front of the neck, the thyroid gland produces hormones involved in regulating the body’s metabolism. Most thyroid cancers are like foreign films from the 1950s: seldom seen and often interminably slow.

That would make sense. He did mention having surgery recently. But why would a thyroid cancer cause your face (or part of your face) to go slack? Wouldn’t the nerves in that area run down the neck, and not up?

Actually, I think seeing The Life of David Gale made his face permanently go like that.

I noticed this too. He mentioned having surgery a week ago, so perhaps he is just feeling a little off or the pain medication makes him go a bit limp.

The side of his face has been slack for a while - a couple of months at least. But yeah, last night it was worse than usual. And the other side of his face, particularly the throat area, was swollen. Yes, I know he’s fat, I mean swollen more than usual.