Rogue's Gallery of Edwardian Drunks

See them here.

All arrested in Birmingham, England from 1903-04 for violating drinking laws. I swear I’ve seen some of the men in Bangkok bars. And I’m intrigued by the “wood chopper and prostitute.”

The article says “… the drunks were given the equivalent of modern-day Asbos in that they were banned from being served in pubs because of their past behaviour.” What’s an Asbo?

An Asbo is kinda like house arrest in England. Also as a prohibition to do certain things like drinking or drugs, or not being able to frequent certain areas. Ne’er-do-wells and chavs take pride in getting them.

Interesting photos there. Loooot of facial scars in that bunch.

Actually it’s not like house arrest at all, but it does indeed restrict your movements - you’re not allowed to go back to the “scene of the crime” or other stipulated places where you might get in trouble or you’ve been a nuisance.

The male’s picture is hilarious. I didn’t real people ever looked like that, even drunk.

Oh, dude. They totally look like that. There are people who look like that right this minute in the library.