Roku not streaming anything today

Anyone else experiencing this?

It’s a Roku3. I have AT&T wifi.

No Netflix, Amazon, Acorn, PBS, TED-- nothing. The home screen with channel icons appears as usual. You can page/scroll through them. Choose a program and click on it and after a couple of seconds, a screen says “we’re having problems with this program,” or else you hit the play button and the screen flickers and comes back to the play button screen and stays there.

Had some problems yesterday, and I unplugged the Roku from everything for about an hour then reconnected and it was working.

Nothing on the Roku site, and no helpful google results. Any suggestions?

I tried watching one of the Amazon programs on my computer, and it worked fine.

ETA: Roku is connected to router with a cable (not wirelessly).

Mine had a system update on Thursday, maybe you interrupted yours. Check under Settings, System.

My TV has WiFi built in, and gets Netflix, Hulu, etc., without an external receiver. I just checked it to see if it was working. It seems find, but it was a little slugging-- not responding well to the remote, and buffering. Maybe there’s a high demand lately for some reason, and the service hasn’t caught up to it. Did Roku just release a new model, or did Netflix just offer some deal that upped the number of subscribers?

ETA: just saw the new post: my TV updates periodically, and could be due for one too.

Ok. I’ll look.

That fixed it! Turns out there was a system update yesterday. I’m also glad to see there’s a “restart” option under system settings. The only way I knew to turn it off and on was to unplug it. Clearly this is a better option. Thanks ever so. :slight_smile:

Good, you’re welcome!

Later yesterday and a couple of times today, when I left the Roku for real TV and then re-entered the Roku, I had to restart (from the system menu). Glad I now know that trick. Have no idea why this is happening.

Okay, now even after restarting, I’m getting error messages on several channels. :frowning:

After several restarts, streaming again.