Role-Playing Game: World War 3; After Armaggedon

Here’s a suggestion: I propose a role-playing game conducted over here. It will be set in 2025 after a nuclear exchange between the Oceanic Pact (USA, EU, India, and other American allies) against the Eurasian Alliance (China, Russia, and anti-American countries) devestated most of the world. The setting will be fleshed out as we go on. You can be anything you want anywhere you want but please make a character sheet like this (this is mine for the game):

Name: William Cullen Dexter
Age: 29
Location: Fort Hunter Liggett, Monterey County, CA, USA
Occupation: Soldier, United States Army
Rank: Corporal (E-4)
University: University of California Los Angeles
Degrees: History (BA, MD, PH. D)
Skills: Assault Rifle, Grenades, History, Machine Guns
Current Status: At Fort Hunter Liggett preparing for reliving Los Angeles after three direct nuclear missile strikes.