Rolling Stones, 1964, Mike Douglas Show

I came across a great clip of the Rolling Stones appearing on the Mike Douglas Show in 1964. After bringing some overwhelmed teenage girls from the audience onto the stage to meet the band, we get this:

(about the 8:00 mark, if that link doesn’t go right to it)

Mike asks the band if one of them is most popular with the ladies, to which Brian Jones replies, “Mick’s more popular with men.” :stuck_out_tongue:

That was kinda funny.

What I did notice is that the songs were all lip-synched and not performed live. The Beatles were most definitely live on Ed Sullivan.

Also, I have not heard the song “Tell Me” for about 35 years now. But, as music goes, it all came flooding back to me once it started, complete with the lyrics. They should find a way of putting operating procedures and work instructions to music. That is one powerful memory tool.

“Tell Me” and “I Just Want to Make Love to You” were mimed, but the other two seemed to be live. (The mimed tracks were the A and B side of the Stones’ current single.)

Very funny clip. Thanks for that.

I sometimes think I remember more from watching Schoolhouse Rock than I do from my entire education.

Did they qualify as a boy band back in '64? :stuck_out_tongue:

Stones public service annoncement: If you’re a fan at all, you should check out the documentary of their 1965 Irish tour, Charlie is my Darling.

With the exception of Ed Sullivan, The Hollywood Palace, The Smothers Brothers, Glen Campbell, and Johnny Cash, lip syncing for pop acts was SOP on television programs.

Sullivan and Smothers both had groups with live vocals but mimed prerecorded instrumental tracks. Sometimes. Examples off top o’ my head:
Sullivan: Stones (Let’s Spend The Night Together); Dave Clark Five (You’ve Got What It Takes)
Smothers: Doors (Touch Me)

Perhaps the “Misadventure” was really “Mickadventure”!