Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts has died

I just saw a news flash from my BBC app, indicating that the publicist for Stones drummer Charlie Watts announced that Watts has died, at the age of 80.

A few weeks ago, Watts had to bow out of an upcoming Stones tour; it was said, at that time, that he was recovering from a medical procedure.

Damn. RIP, Charlie. :frowning:

RIP Charlie :frowning:

Sucks. Thought they would all live to a 100. RIP dude.

Another of the old Gods gone :frowning_face:. RIP Charlie, what a life you had!

RIP to the drummer who made it look the easiest, which I’m sure wasn’t easy.

He was a Stone for 58 years. That number boggles the mind.

Damn. RIP Charlie Watts.

Favorite (probably most well known as well) Charlie Watts story: Charlie heard Mick Jagger on the phone refer to Charlie as “my drummer” once. Went up to Mick, punched him in the face and said “you’re my singer!

Well, nuts.

Things you always knew would happen but can hardly believe when they do.

RIP, Charlie.

My condolences to his family and friends. He brought much joy to my life for many years and will be missed.


RIP, Charlie. You were always there.

I thought he was the classiest member of the Rolling Stones.

A lovable guy, a true gentleman, and one the most defining drummers of rock history. RIP, Charlie.

Classiest, and best dressed. Been married to his wife since 1964…

My wife put on Sticky Fingers as soon as I told her.

What’s your vote for most memorable Watts performance? Right off the bat I’m torn between “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Rip This Joint,” but there must be 100 other possibilities.

“Rocks Off”. I love the intro when his drums set in.

Just to add to this, the version I always heard had Charlie taking the time to put on a suit and tie first, then going to Mick’s room and punching him in the face. What a legend he was. RIP Charlie.

Yep, that’s right-- I was telling the story from memory-- I should have taken 20 seconds to look it up and do it proper justice.Thanks!

Not being versed in drumming vocabulary I’ll probably butcher this: but in the fade out “gotta roll me…” end of Tumbling Dice, he adds fills with an accent on the 3rd beat – tick-a-TICK-a tick-a-TICK-a and I love that.

True that. Hell, I nominate the entirety of Exile on Main Street.

Like I said …