"Roly Polio," "Locky Lockjaw," "Dippy Diphtheria," and "Hoopy Who

Anyone remember these?

When I was a kid in the mid '60’s, there was a series of PSA’s on immunization.

They were done as cartoon commercials with these characters.

“Roly Polio” sat in a wheelchair.
“Locky Lockjaw” had a face frozen in a garish grin, with his arms stiffly pointing behind him.
“Hoopy Whooping Cough” flew, coughing on children, infecting them.
I don’t remember what “Dippy Diphtheria” looked like.

Anyway, I was wondering if these were national PSA’s or something the State Health Department did.

I was pretty sure this thread was about Homers illness.
PS- Roly Polio…God, is that sick or what? I’ll have to ask my friend who has polio what she thinks of that. (she’s in her 40s)

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What, no Meaty Measles or Ruby Rubella?

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Nope, never saw 'em. But it reminds me of a joke:

A newlywed couple is at Niagra Falls on their honeymoon. They’re very excited because they decided to wait until marriage to have sex and the night has finally come.

The bride is ready, in her negligee and under the covers, waiting for her man. He sits down on the edge of the bed and says, “Honey, I’m embarassed to get undressed in front of you.”

“I understand, honey. I’m nervous too.”

She persuades him to take off his shoes, then his socks and is shocked by the sight of his toes: they’re black, gnarled and bumpy.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before we got married but I had Toelio as a child.”

“That’s okay, sweetie. I still love you! Now come on, take off your pants.”

He takes off his pants and his knees are in the same condition.

“I also had Kneesles. Do you still love me?”

“Of course I do, babe. Now keep going… Just a few more pieces of clothing to go and you can have what you’ve been waiting for.”

He takes each piece of clothing off and is finally standing naked before his bride.

“Oh my God!” she screams, “Why didn’t you tell me you had Small Cocks!”

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I seem to recall that PSA playing with the Merry Marvel Marching Society. I definitely remember it being horrifying as a kid. I recall the diptheria gal as sort of a Suess character, if she had diptheria. The lockjaw dude was particularly scary. Still, I would love to see that PSA again.

I don’t remember these, but I do remember the food-safety film I had to watch in the 70s, featuring Sammy Salmonella.

I remember seeing at least one spot with those disease characters. I’m guessing it was nationwide.

“Here’s Dippy Diphtheria, she really is a pal. Of all of us diseases, she’s our pin. . . up. . . gal.”

Oddly, that’s the only line I remember from the spot.

Well. . . after only ten years, the number of people with this memory has tripled! Yeah, Locky Lockjaw was really scary looking. He had this garish frozen grin, and his arms stuck out straight behind him. I think his eyes were also closed, like Mr. Magoo.

I don’t remember those but I remember Ronny Roundworm from a dog deworming medication commercial (probably Hartz). When I went into veterinary medicine I discovered roundworms aren’t cute, they’re disgusting.

Don’t know if it’s still available, but this used to be a PSA/video about worms.

We could update this concept with a series of PSAs starring foolishly evil antivaxers, who the kiddies could foil by getting their vaccinations.

“Oh nooooo…it’s Jughead Jenny McCarthy and her friends, Mighty Measles and Hippity Hemophilus! Better get your shots!”

A dose of Zombievax would also go down nicely right about now.

Wow, it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who remembered this. I saw the PSA in Southern California sometime in the 60’s.

As for what I remember… I remember the Roly Polio character sitting in a wheelchair, though I can’t remember what he looked like. I remember there being other characters and I don’t know if I remember or assume that they were based on the diseases that the DPT immunized against. And I do remember another line from the jingle: “I’m Roly Polio the leader of the (this?) gang to destroy good health is our evil plan.” Maybe in another couple of years someone else will come up with another line.

You can see an itty-bitty pic of Rolly Polio here.

I saw these growing up in southern California:

"I’m Rolly Polio, the leader of this clan. To destroy good health is our dirty plan.

There’s Locky Lock Jaw, he’s my strong right arm.

There’s Whoopy Whooping Cough, he’s sure to do you harm.

And here is Dippy Diptheria, she really is a pal.

To all of us diseases she’s our pin. up. gal."

Did I remember correctly? :stuck_out_tongue: My head is full of useless crap like this.

I’m very impressed. For some reason I remember none of the jingle other than the first line. “Dirty plan” sounds more likely than the “evil plan” that I think I remember; and obviously your “clan” is correct since it rhymes with “plan” and my “gang” rhymes with nothing.

I’m taking a class on vaccines at the moment and that’s what prompted me to look for this. Someone asked why those of us who believe in vaccines do. The younger students were mixed but all of the older students favored vaccination because of having lived through a time when communicable diseases that today are largely nonexistent were still a threat.

BTW, welcome to the SDMB! I hope you stay around!

I think this commercial aired when there was a big push for kids getting Polio vaccine (drops on a sugar cube) and DPT shots. This would have been in the early to mid 1960’s.

I did a google search for “Locky Lockjaw”. The first hit was this thread. Second was to a book by an anti-vax nut called “Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth, Volume 3”

I remembered too. Here’s the story behind those PSAs.

Wow, that was something. I’d never seen those, looks like they came out at the right time for me to see them, but they weren’t shown on TV in New England.

Need to update it with Mona Corona.