Romantic recommendations

Hi readers,

Due to some unexpected and delightful attention I’ve been receiving of late, my mind has turned toward the romantical. Anyone care to suggest some well-written modern fiction?

What I’d really love is a new Barbara Trapido novel, but, alas, I can’t find any news of a work in progress. In a similar vein, The Time Traveler’s Wife was also very much to my current tastes. I’ve read all of Carol Shields, too, whose work would also seem to fit my criteria.

So, I suppose I’m after a quality kind of story, with believable and loving characters who have some kind of passion in their lives. Trapido’s characters are all pretty high-brow and literary, and I usually enjoy Shields’ way-out occupations, like the folklorist in The Republic of Love.



Well, I bought you a heart locket. :wink:

I know you mentioned novels, but I’ll recommend some movies. I normally don’t go for love stories, and in my current loveless life, they tend to remind me of what my life lacks, so I avoid them. Even so, there are a few that I love to watch again and again, as they get me all “Ah, love, so sweet, yet so bitter.”

Love Actually
Shakespeare in Love
Notting Hill

and to a lesser extent,

The Red Violin