Romero's new zombie flick, "Land of the Dead," is a GO!

George Romero in partnership with Atmosphere Films starts production of his new flesh-eating extravanganza, Land of the Dead this October! Ooohh, somebody pinch me! I canNOT wait until next year!

More info here.

This is great news. I’ve been on-again off-again following this project for several years now, back when it was supposed to be called “Dead Reckoning.”

I also have had opportunity to read the script for “Diamond Dead,” which reads like a (IMHO) stinky pile.

Let’s hope this one happens the right way.

was this supposed to be titled DUSK or TWILIGHT OF THE DEAD, or is this a totally different idea?

FriarTed, the movie’s gone through several names, the last of which I heard they settled on was Dead Reckoning. Apparently, it was the name of the main character’s semi in the movie. From what I’ve read about it, it sounds like a rather interesting idea, but that idea’s been floating around for several years, so who knows what his new movie is going to be like by now.

Assuming he doesn’t screw something up and lose another production company’s backing before he starts again.

Just out of curiosity, **Chastain86]/b], what’s “Diamond Dead”? Was that an earlier Romero script, or a different sequel by someone else?

Well, it’s about time!

I read a comment in another thread about something Romero said re: this movie and it was quite exciting. Then I saw him at the Movieside film festival and he was tight-lipped about it but not very enthusiastic.

One thing that I will say that is intriguing is that he wanted to show a “development” of the zombies over the course of the movies. I.e. they get faster, stronger, smarter, meaner…Should be interesting to see what he does with this.

Well, from what I’ve heard, by the time Twilight of the Dead/Dead Reckoning/Land of the Dead/Whatever the Hell it’s Going to Be Called of the Dead, the zombies are supposed to be pretty much decayed beyond the point of being a threat. The fastest, smartest, and meanest zombies were the ones in Day of the Dead. After that, there’s really nothing more for them to do but rot, so don’t go expecting another fast zombie film, at least not from Romero.

Hell, yeah! Hope they do this right.

So, Anchor Bay’s coming out with another DVD release of Dawn of the Dead, with more new stuff? Am I actually going to buy that effin’ movie for the third time? Yes, apparently I am.

Now that I think about it, I think you were the one who mentioned in the thread I was referring to that he was going to treat the zombies “as the new homeless.”

Other interesting notes from the speech at the festival: he always considered zombes to be “working class monsters.”

OK, I can’t think of any others, but if anyone cares, I’ll dig up an email I sent to a friend who couldn’t make it and post it.

I would hope that all of our zombie fans here are reading “Day by Day Armageddon”. It’s a zombie story told in a LiveJournal-type format. Extremely detailed, very engrossing and a lot of fun.

I just finished watching Dawn of the Dead, and I didn’t get something. When the main characters first fly over the mall, one of them says, “What the hell is that?” Someone else answers, “I think it’s one of those indoor malls.” What was that about? Were malls actually so new in the late 70s that someone (from a big city I might add) wouldn’t know what it was?

The characters in Dawn of the Dead were from Philadelphia. In 1979 those huge enclosed suburban malls were kind of a new thing in Pennsylvania. You’ve also go to remember that things look different from the air. Also, they needed a little expository dialogue.

I was a teenager in the late 70s and from what I remember, indoor malls were not yet as commonplace as they became in the 80s. Plus what Baldwin said.

I also saw photos of the cast at a recent convention, and boy, have my early hot male fantasies gone downhill. Flyboy, in particular, looks like hell (although, to be fair, he’s probably in his 60s by now), and yet he was such a hottie in the movie.

Yeah, I was a kid in the 70s in PA, and when they built the first “big” indoor mall in my town it was quite the new thing for us.

Pittsburgh, actually.

I read on some site recently that someone out there apparently made a direct to video prequel to Day of the Dead recently. It may have even been here on the boards, but I can’t find it just yet. Anyone else have any clue on this?

Must be an East Coast thing. There have been big malls here in California for as long as I can remember. On the other hand, I was born in 1976, so they might have been built when I was a wee lad for all I know.

Day of the Dead: Contagium. Here’s the movie’s IMDb entry, and here’s its official website from Taurus Entertainment.

I just skimmed through the first user comment on the IMDb, and the story behind Contagium sounds interesting. And there’s quite a lot of threads on the IMDb message board about Contagium and Land of the Dead.

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