Romney and Obama at the Alfred Smith dinner:

Obama and Romney’stalks.

Great to hear Obama poking fun at himself for his first debate performance. Both managed to get in a couple of digs at the other side, but it was lighthearted.

Both guys were (surprisingly) funny. I especially would not have expected the comedic delivery from Romney, but he was pretty good.

I knew Obama could be funny from previous speeches but Romney surprised me.

Agreed, I think Romney had the best line of the night (“It’s good to relax and wear what Ann and I wear around the house”). Obama was overall funnier, but Romney beat expectations.

“Big Bird never saw it coming” got a healthy laugh out of me.

I thought I heard people boo during Romney’s speech. Did anyone else hear it?

I’m watching it right now. In the past, didn’t they soley make fun of themselves and not each other, or am I misremembering?

My favorite comment from Gawker on the event:

“Ha ha ha! It’s funny because they’re all secretly in it together and we’re all doomed.”

I heard it, but I think it was less booing than “Ooooo!” like he was coming this close to crossing the line.

EE-Expectations for Romney weren’t all that high. I watched Maddow’s coverage of it. I loved Obama’s self-deprecation. He’s seems more naturally funny.

I am afraid to think how true this may be.

Yes, they mostly make fun of themselves. I think Obama made a few jabs at Romney (his middle name, the ‘you didn’t build it’, Ryan’s perception of time). It seemed like Romney got it wrong and felt like a weirdly watered down stump speech. He really had to twist hard on his ‘you didn’t build it’ joke about the Church.

I’m heartened that no matter how acrimonious our political debates get, we can still have the two candidates come together for this kind of humor.

I worry far more about our country being ripped in two than I do about collusion between Republicans and Democrats.

They usually get in a few harmless digs at each other. Last time, for instance, Obama joked about John McCain knowing the first Al Smith. I’d say, however, that some of Romney’s jokes were a bit more reality-based and politically-charged than is usual. I thought his material was edgier, and thus funnier, since that’s the kind of comedy I like. But then, I thought Obama was a good deal better as far as delivery and timing.

ETA: Yeah, I meant to say that it seemed Romney got very close to the line, not so much as for one particular joke, but the number of them that he told.

So it wasn’t a speech but an '80s sitcom? Did Anne wear a sparkly sweater with pointy shoulders?

“So much redistributing to do; so little time…”

Gotta say that I thought Mitt was a lot funnier.

Having finally taken the time to watch (when I’m supposed to be working), the difference in tone and style between the two was quite striking.

I found Mitt’s to be a whole lot more political, edgy and using put downs to get laughs. Dare I say that it seemed he was laughing at, whereby Obama seemed a lot gentler and self deprecating - a more laughing with style.

“The worst evil that you can do, psychologically, is to laugh at yourself. That means spitting in your own face.” -Ayn Rand


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