Romney Invested in Medical-Waste Firm That Disposed of Aborted Fetuses

Romney Invested in Medical-Waste Firm That Disposed of Aborted Fetuses, Government Documents Show

Provided this gets enough publicity, how much, if at all, will this affect Romney’s chances? I think it’s likely that there are people in the Republican base who won’t vote at all rather than vote for someone who “profited from abortions”. If so, will it be enough to make a difference?

While my initial reaction is that it could significantly damage Romney among a lot of his base, I suspect ultimately it won’t do much.

A few weeks ago, I saw a chart that showed how drastically different Obama and Romney supporters were in terms of whether they are voting for someone they prefer or against someone they do not. Far more Romney supporters are voting against Obama than for Romney.

Given that, I suspect the effect of stuff like this will be minimal.

Seems like it could be damaging. Both from the “profited from abortion” angle, but also from the “lied about to what degree he was involved in Bain after 1998” angle. Its pretty hard to buy that he had really left the company in February if he was signing off on deals worth tens of millions in November.

Given how hard the Obama campaign is pushing to make Romney’s time at Bain seem shady, he doesn’t do anything but feed into that narrative by getting caught lying about it.

Unlikely to matter, IMO. His voters are so invested in defeating Obama that Romney could have run a clinic himself and they’d look past it at this point.

Hell, wasn’t he explicitly pro-choice at the time or was this after his conversion?

I don’t think that’s exactly true. There are certainly a large number of people that will show up and vote against Obama even if its revealed Romeny bathes in fetus blood every night to preserve his complexion. And as the most committed voters, those people are generally the most visible so its easy to think they make up most of the people that will vote for Romney. But I don’t think they make up 50% of the electorate, which is what Romney actually needs to show up and pull the lever for him.

Indeed, appealing to those people that aren’t slavering at the mouth to get rid of Obama is pretty much the whole reason Romney is the GOP nominee instead of someone more like Bachman, Newt, Cain, etc.

He (supposedly) was always prolife in his personal life, but supported Roe v Wade until 2007 or so.

But aren’t those people the least likely to care about this story? That is, does a somewhat moderate pro-life voter really care that Romney’s company invested in a medical-waste firm? I mean, it’s business, right?

I dunno, this just seems kinda small-potatoes to me.

I doubt this by itself will be a big deal. But the general rule when your running as a challenger is to avoid stories that reinforce already existing negative narratives about yourself. Once you get pegged as a flip-flopper or whatever, the media and the public starts to see everything you do through that lense.

Obama is trying to paint Romney as a heartless plutocrat. A week or two of news coverage about whether or not Romney lied about making tens of millions harvesting the bodies of unborn children isn’t doing much to fight that image.

All Obama needs is a story about Bain investing in a company whose business plan involved blocking out the sun, and he’ll be able to coast to an easy re-election.

The plan did not involve blocking out the sun, only collecting rent for the sunshine!

Guys, you know the mantra:


It get’s worse. He may have lied in his official financial disclosure forms.

One person I know is very pro-life and claims he’d never vote for a candidate supporting abortion. If this qualifies in his view, Romney may have lost another vote (he may have been planning on voting for Ron Paul).

You know, I often joke to myself that Romney is that dude in “Pretty Woman”. But as time marches on, I’m thinking Romney makes that dude in “Pretty Woman” look like a boy scout.

More like Gordon Gecko. But a nice Gordon Gecko!

Profiting from disposal of aborted fetuses, for a lack of a better word, is good.

Look, they’re already dead and something has to be done with them, so as a good capitalist, of course there’s money to be made on it!

Would this not make the weirdest attack add ever?

What’s more cost effective: Ten dead fetuses in one trash can or one dead fetus in ten trash cans?

I actually think that’s true. But obviously Romney doesn’t think so, or at least doesn’t think voters will.

I’m picturing some sort of fetus-muppet, telling a sad story about how Romney murdered him and stole his organs while mournful music plays in the background.

Hello? Abortion is still legal in the US.

What are you supposed to do with them, toss them out with the regular trash? Flush them down the john? Load them into tiny barrels and toss them in NJ’s barrens? They qualify as any other sort of surgical waste and needs to be disposed of by a medical waste company.

Well, I agree with you, but that’s not exactly the point. Producing pornography is legal as well. Try selling that to your right wing electorate.