Romney + Ryan = Bromance?

Has anyone else noticed how physically familiar Romney and Ryan seem be with each other?

I’m sure it’s just a co-inky-dink, but in a lot of the pictures that I’ve seen today, Romney looks like he’s gazing at Ryan and totally in love. I can understand Ryan’s attraction to Romney (talk about getting a boost).

They’re just not coming off as two politicians. They look like they’re on their wedding day. At this point, if they get caught kissing behind the bleachers, it won’t surprise me one bit.

This wasn’t that unusual in the past or in some parts of the world like Latin America.

You should’ve heard the Freudian slip Mittens made this morning:

“Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new next president!”

"Oh, no, golly gee, I meant vice president."

Now if they came out as Bronies…

I’m not saying bromance is bad. And actually, Mittens is sort of cute in those pictures where he looks all lost in love. Now, Mrs Mittens, Mrs Ryan and the Tea Party might not be too happy about a budding relationship. But, in some of those pictures, he just looks head-over-heals in love.

obama made the same slip when he announced biden, he just covered it better.

it did make me smile.

I just noticed that “Bromance” is kind of close to being an anagram of “Obamacare”.

Hell, why do they say “next” VP or P or whatever?

It’s not as if the election has been decided yet … :confused:

Ice-They need to believe in themsleves.

Personally, I think Ryan is one of the hottest men around.

That’s all I’m sayin’.

Dumb and Dumber

Maybe they did go a little overboard, but so what, right?

Okay, did you make that up? or did you find it? At least one other person thought along the same lines as me.

I don’t care if they have a bromance. I think, the way this election is going, you could almost see it coming. Must suck to be an SNL writer these days, how do they top IRL?

On the “Next President thing” - now I’m reading that it will be Ryan running things in the White House, so maybe that’s just how Mittens looks when he’s found his outsourcer?

I can’t get past the Eddie Munster thing. That and WTF is going on with his mouth all the time?

Which one’s Dumber though? I always get those two confused.

The Tumblr & Facebook PaulRyanGosling are me. The Twitter is a cheap knock-off.

My son posted on FB:
Wow, Romney managed to find someone even whiter than he is… Solidifying the white male conservative vote, I guess.

Depends on who slept on which side of the bed the previous night.

I don’t see them as being in the same class of looks. Romney looks just like the guy a cheap soap opera would hire to play the President.

Ryan looks flat out creepy. He was named Biggest Brown Noser in high school. Fits that look to a tee. Romney never had to suck up to anyone in school.

Isn’t it standard politics for the two new running mates to act like they’re BFF’s for the public?