Ron and Fez show?

I found a thread on these guys from a few years back, but I figured I’d give this a shot to see if there are any listeners here.

They’re on XM/Sirius, and I’ve been listening for several years. I continue to listen to the show because in addition to being one of the funniest guys I’ve heard, Ron (Bennington) is insightful and has introduced me to more than a few great movies, restaurants, artists, musicians and books over the years. He is at times hilarious and also serious, with great interview chops.

Then there is Fez. Apparently, Fez’s role in the show used to be to be the thinly closeted homosexual comedic foil for Ron. Some of the old clips of Fez have him standing on his own and having a vial role in the dichotomy between these two guys. The past few years though, it seems that aside from having his name on the title of the show, Fez no longer actually speaks on microphone during his own show except to have panic attacks and break down crying daily.

I thought this was just a bit for the show for awhile that was going somewhere. But, as it has dragged on for years now, it appears that he has genuinely lost his mind and is slowly breaking down in front of a radio audience. If he is acting, he is great, but I can’t imagine he is, being that there is no payoff to this bit over a long period of time.

Any other people listening to these guys have any insight? Am I really listening to a guy lose his mind over the airwaves?

Fez shouldn’t be doing radio anymore. But I think radio is all Fez has left. I’d be very worried about him if it was taken away.

They can’t let this go on forever though. It’s been years now since his breakdown started.

This isn’t a radio bit, right?

I doubt it. Like you said: it’s gone on for much too long without a payoff. If it’s a bit, it’s an award-worthy performance of a man in decline.

I think it’s real. I’m getting tired of one note Fez.