Fez, the eternal virgin

I didn’t get to see the most recent version of '70s Show, but the listing said that one of the two storylines would be about Fez losing his virginity.

But isn’t this like the third time he’s done it? Seems like at least once a season, he’s in an intimate situation with a young woman and saying, “Ooo, boobies, ooo, thank you lord…” Or were all those other times Everything But, rather than full consummation?

That’s always everything but. He tends to get to “Ooo, boobies…dammit, you’re leaving.”

This time, he really did it…by episode’s end, apparently several times.

I haven’t seen enough of the show to say whether or not there are continuity issues, but in the recent episode they defininitely make clear that Fez is a virgin, at least at the start of the ep.

Best line:[spoiler]Fez announces he’s lost his virginity.

Eric (IIRC): “This isn’t like when you named your hamster ‘Virginity’ and let it run off, is it?”

:smiley: [/spoiler]

If it was the tornado at the school dance episode…

The Vice Principal comes by and announces the danger is over just as Fez is about to get some “We could die at any minute!” action.

But I don’t know if that was a recent episode or just a rerun that I saw recently.

Ah, I guess it was a rerun, judging by Dewey Cheatem Undhow’s post.

I see. Thank you.

Nitpick: His name is “Fes”, which is an anagram for Foreign Exchange Student.

ARRGH!!! Obviously not an anagram, but an acronym. Do’h.

Really? Not that I doubt you, Revtim, but how do you know that? Is it on their website or something? Kind of a neat factoid.

I first learned of that when the actor who plays him was interviewed on a local radio show. I also confirmed it with the IMDB. The guy has no accent at all, it’s totally fake.

Yes, I know that’s where the name derives from, but the official site spells it with a ‘Z’.

True, no accent, no native country, and no real character name. The one time they introduce him, a school bell rings and he mouths the names of the cast members to throw off any lipreaders.

Yes. From the That 70s Show website:

Since I’m sure you’ll ask, this is the bestcite I could find.

“Tornado Prom” was from the fourth (2001-02) season. It first aired 5 February 2002.

I’ve never understood how he could NOT have lost it to those 3 very, very hot trucker chicks the guys met over the CB.

Hmmmmm, in the FAQ, it says

Point Place is a fictional suburb of Green Bay, Wisconsin. This is why many Wisconsinites may recognize names of nearby towns such as Kenosha

Ummm, Kenosha is not particlarly near Green Bay. It is about 130 miles away in a straigth line. (between airports).

(Wisconsonite living across the river in MN)

I know, and in my opinion, he does it absolutely brilliantly. The accent is totally realistic and consistent, and he never drops it. That kid is a very good actor.

Nope. Bud Bundy remains the only character on television to lose his virginity multiple times.

Didn’t he also end up naked in a hot tub with Melissa Joan Hart?

As for Big Rhonda she wouldn’t have sex with him because she had so much sex before and she liked Fez and didn’t want to ruin it.