What sexual thing did Eric do to Donna that was unpleasant? - That 70's Show

There is an old episode of That 70’s Show where Eric and his friends go to an adult film. While watching it Eric sees that all the couples do “something” and everyone seems to really like it. So Eric decides to try it on Donna without letting her know. Well, Donna doesn’t like it. She freaks out. Later she says it was unpleasant. The show seems to drop hints at what Eric did to Donna but I can’t figure it out. What sexual thing did Eric do to Donna that was unpleasant?

I’m thinking it had something to do with the butt. No specifics, but you can use your imagination. . . :smiley:

I remember thinking that it was implied that Eric had gone down on her.

Despite what happens in porn, a large number of women, especially in that era and earlier, were very disturbed by the practice.

For some reason–I don’t know what, exactly–I initially thought it had to do with some kind of clumsy stab at anal sex. Then I decided it was just some generic sex move Eric tried on Donna without warning. I’m trying to remember, now–was Eric down near the foot of the bed when Donna was shown to be upset in that episode? If so, Exapno Mapcase’s suggestion would definitely make sense. But it could have been anything. If you do something strange and without warning in bed, girls can get upset. I wouldn’t be surprised if even the writer’s weren’t sure what exactly it was that Eric did. Funny show, though.

He had sex with her in a very uncomfortable place.

(You mean, like, the back seat of a Volkswagen?)

Thank you for this thread, Pepsi. I saw this episode, but came in right where Donna was voicing her displeasure at ‘what he did’, and figured I missed the big explanation. From what I’m reading, it wasn’t really explained, but left up to the viewer as a sort of sexual ink blot test.

I didn’t see the episode, but I’ll bet he tried the Venus Butterfly on her!

Thinking back on the episode, Eric and Donna are under the covers. Eric was doing something and then all of a sudden she freaks out. His head is at about the level of her vagina. I don’t think it could have been him just going down of her. If it was just him going down on her she would have freaked out earlier.

For the anal sex thing, she is on her back and her legs are not up or back at all. To get access to her asshole he would have had to put her legs back.

So what’s left? Fisting? Was this popular is 70’s adult film?

What is the Venus Butterfly.

I didn’t see the episode, but I’ll take a guess that maybe while going down on her, he tried to insert a finger in the back door?

It fits the criteria: it’s something he might have seen in a porn flick, it would involve him being down in that region, and it could conceivably make a woman flip out if she wasn’t expecting it.

Maybe it’s the same thing as Number 6 on the sex survey that Eric’s mum was filling out in an earlier ep - The thing she found that as a Registered Nurse, she couldn’t do because it was “just yucky”.


It’s a joke! It was kept vague because it was funnier that way! The idea was to let readers fill in the blanks, because their imagining what it is make it more funny than saying what it is.

It’s a standard and very effective technique (both in humor and horror), but when you start searching for what it is, you’re missing the point. The funny part is that it could be anything.

The “Venus Butterfly” was a similar joke from LA Law. It was analgous to the “move” from the Seinfeld episode, or apparently this “70’s Show” joke. Never really explained, just something for the imagination.

The “Venus Butterfly” was done by this kind of frumpy old-timer, not the super-frumpy old-timer, just the regular frumpy old-timer. It was funny that he had a stellar move.

The Venus Butterfly was the secret invention of a man who was being prosecuted for bigamy. Stuart (the middle-aged kinda fat tax lawyer) asjked the guy what his secret was for holding on to multiple wives and the guy taught it to him.

The show never explained what it was, but they did show the too-good-for-Stuart girlfriend curled up next to him in bed asking “Can we do that again?”

If you were to show a 70’s-era porn flick to a typical 70’s era high school girl (even one who was sexually experienced), I’ll bet she’d be going “Eww! Ick!” through half the movie.

Filthy Sanchez? Jersey Meathook? Donkey Punch? Cleveland Steamer? Rusty Trombone? Cajun Hot Stick? Pasadena Mudslide? Arabian Goggles? Washin’ the Dog? Topeka Destroyer?

I’m betting on the Kennbunkport Surprise, myself.

He was doing Jerry Seinfeld’s “move,” but he used the knuckle when he shouldn’t have, and finished with a counter-clockwise swirl when he should’ve used clockwise.

Righto, mate!

It’s the same reason why the writers won’t reveal exactly where Fez is from.

(I think they did mention “island” once, but maybe I’m mis-remembering that.)

No shit, Sherlock. Now go away and let the people have their fun. Go look for another thread to kill.

Logic has no place here!! :wink:

Some people were just having fun, but it seemed like others were serious. I bet his opinion was welcome on this.

And it’s the same reason why it’s funnier if Smithers never actually emerges from his closet.

Would that not be Morocco?

Or is “Fez” something else in this context?