That 70s Show *weird question*

Remember back a season or two when Donna and Eric broke up and they were seeing other people? They were seeing other people and everything, and it was indicated that Donna had sex with at least one other guy.

Remember when she went out with Michael’s brother, Casey and Eric was whining about it. Something along the lines of “I saw her leave his house, and she was all like… smiling. That slut.”

So, it was pretty obvious he meant she had sex with him, but I was wondering do you really think she did? Or was it just ex-boyfriend bitterness.

Also, do you think Eric had sex with another girl? He did go out with other girls, but it seemed like he was such a loser he didn’t get very far with any of them.

I warned you this was a weird question… or in this case, I guess questions

I don’t believe either of them had sex with anyone else. Casey Kelso had taken her to the motel to have sex but Hyde was there all night long pulling the fire alarm and that stopped them. It seemed like this was the big step in her relationship with Casey. She was probably smiling because he had gotten her wasted, a problem she had with him throughout their relationship which eventually led to their break-up.

Eric certainly had opportunities to have sex. Donna did her best to ruin it for him though. Licking a number off of his hand and other such stuff.

I kinda think that the fact that it was openly discussed on the show points to it not happening. Plus Donna’s too sensative about it and Eric’s too much of a woosy to do anything anyway. Still it is possible that they both did it. Certainly if the writers later decide that they did there’d be no difficulty in writing it that way.

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I love when people want to ask a question about something and when it comes time to reference … they completely butcher it without any effort to go back and confirm if they even have their facts straight.

Your entire basis for your first question about Donna and Casey was based Entirely on miss information… how would Eric ever see Donna come out of Casey’s house? If you took two seconds to think about what you just said then you would realize that your whole post is already invalid. Eric saw Casey pull up in the trans am at HER house and he came home saying was being loud and She came out smiling and looking at him…then Hyde sacrcasticaly said “slut” indicating that she hadn’t actually done anything wrong… Eric was able to see this because he lives next door… DUH… and you wonder why no one wanted to reply to your thread… because it makes no sense… simple as that.

Just FYI, this question is 15 years old, and this poster is no longer posting here.

“…was based Entirely on miss information…”

I don’t recall that character on the show.

I think poster is confusing two different TV shows - she was Mr Data’s sister.

You guys probably proofread the internet all day long… “misinformation”… totally besides the point

Point-isn’t that something that you put on the end of a sentence? The point remains that the person you were responding to is long gone and probably will never read your correction.

Lol actually no that isn’t the point… it was never the point. you read it didn’t you??? And regardless, it still needed correcting

No, the point is that you are talking to air, and the air don’t care.

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Well, there’s another point. You’re discussing a minor plot point in a sitcom - I’m not sure why you feel it’s appropriate to do so in such a belligerent and supercilious way. That’s why you got sarcastic responses mocking your literacy. This is a relatively friendly corner of the internet - if you demonstrate some social skills, you might find a more civilized conversation ensues. Welcome to the SDMB.

Not to mention that, as someone noted, it’s been 15 (now 16) years since the OP was posted. I’m pretty sure that the OP not only doesn’t care about the answer anymore, but since he’s banned, he can’t even read it.


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