That 70s show, when and what happens?

I love That 70s show. When is it coming on again? Also, what’s going to happen? Donna, Erik, and maybe Kelso will go to college, while Hyde, Fez, Jackie and the parents will stay home. How will they incorporate all the actors into one unit? t seems it will be the Eric and Donna show and everybody else?

How will the season go? Also Donna is like a young Julianne Moore, any comments?

I think the last episode of last season had Eric’s dad having a heart attack, and Fez married to Eric’s sister so that he can stay in the country.

I imagine Donna and Eric will have to stay in town since his dad had the hear attack.

I have been subjected to this show because my normal programming got switched around and left me with nothing else to watch.

I think this show is stupid. I guess it is geared for the younger crowd cause there isn’t one thing appealing or redeeming to me on this show. My kids love it.

I heard in passing that Aston Kutcher has a mansion. This causes me to wonder what the salaries are for this show. It can’t be THAT much can it? I think he is a very over rated actor. The only reason he is getting so much publicity is because he is dating the much older sophisticated Demi Moore.

Ashton Kutcher also has a relatively active movie career, which certainly contributes to his overall fortunes.

No offense, but jeez, go read a book or something. Television viewing isn’t mandatory.

It’s pretty hit or miss. Most of the show is pretty bad, basically dad calls Eric a moron, cue laughtrack, repeat. But there are also a decent amount of genuinely funny and clever moments, such as the mother imagining what the kids will be doing while left alone at the house. All of the kids are lyp-synched (sp?) with the mothers voice, Eric walks in dressed like a pimp and tells Donna “Hey, let’s do drugs and have premarital sex!” Fez adds “Yes, this is common in whatever country is I come from.” (I believe I just destroyed that scene…)

Come the evening hours all I want to do is veg in front of the tv. I am on the computer reading & researching all day. The last thing I want to do is pick up a book at night.

And I could always get my lazy butt up and switch the channel but <alas> I am too lazy.

Someone has got to inform the youngsters who run the show’s official website that “groovy” is not a '70s word. Nobody said it in the '70s unless it was for a good laugh. It was a completely dated '60s term by then.

The show was pretty good for the first two seasons or so. After that the characters became lame caricatures that just keep repeating the same jokes.

The early episodes were hilarious and had many bits like the one BabaBooey describes.

The show has also begun to play fast and loose with it’s time frame. In the first year, the episodes began with a card announcing the dates and times in which the events were taking place. The series began in 1976, which would make it about 1981 if the show were progressing in real time.

The show also use to make references to true life events from the time period. One episode featured Gerald Ford making an election campaign stop in town and Red (Eric’s dad) chewing him out for pardoning Nixon. Now the series takes place in some timeless 70s-era limbo (the date placards have even been removed from the repeat episodes), with no specific dates as reference points, just clothes & hairstyles reminiscent of late 70s trends. The producers seem to be following the example of “Happy Days”: begin the series with a nostalgic setting, then gradually erase any specific references to the real 1950s and end up being a generic domestic sitcom.

Warning: No site, just antidotal.

And, I heard/read somewhere recently that he will make about $250k-300k per show through '05, or '06.

Chicken feed to Ray Romano’s $1.8 mil per show.

Well, the reason is because they don’t want to have, like you said, to go to the 1980s. Since the show is successful (and I do love the show) and lasted for so many seasons they could continue on with the 1976-on timeline.

I don’t know if I’m in the minority, but I love That '70s Show.

Plus, Topher Grace is hot.

Oh geez-someone on a TV show being able to afford a mansion?! What the hell is wrong with our society?! I guess it’s alright, seeing as he has a show on MTV and has been in at least three movies in the past couple years (though none of them were blockbusters).

And, of course, no one knew who the hell Ashton Kutcher was until he started dating Demi Moore.

I absolutely despise this show, and I suspect that the same people who like it also like Adam Sandler. I hate almost every character - lets see, Eric is your basic straight man pacifist without any sort of defined personality, Hide (sp?) is a despicable asshat (and not in a funny George Castanza kind of way), Donna is too perfect to exist, the rich spoiled girl is annoying (and not in a cute way, she’s just annoying), Kelso is a gawky looking dink (despite the show’s insistence that he’s a cool babe), and Fez is some kind of poor man’s Balki. The only redeemable character is Red. The humor is over the top and lacks any subtlety, and the “issues” the characters face in the Very Special episodes are so childish that I wonder if the show is being written by high school students. Yeah, the first season had some funny bits, but the rest of the episodes aren’t even up to Fox standards (cue sitcom audience “ooooooohhhhh” sound).

Seriously, I think Spongebob has more mature humor. That’s just my opinion of course…

Well, here’s a data point: I despise Adam Sandler and I’ve liked That 70s Show since the first season. And I usually don’t like any of the shows that revolve around teens. Something about the show just works for me. Though it wasn’t as good last season, I have hopes that the new settings will spark some new comedy.

It is true that the parents are some of the most believable parents on tv. Red and Kitty are great characters.

I also read that Ashton Kutcher demanded a raise to $250K an episode. Then Topher Grace - who’s supposed to be the star, after all - demanded an equal salary. And got it.

Of course, Kutcher has only two or three more years of screen life until he becomes unemployable as too old to play his screen character, even in movies, with Topher Grace has been in great movies like Traffic and will probably be a star long after pretty boy is fogotten.

I love this show, but I’ve only seen a handful of episodes. If they release (or have released) a DVD collection of episodes, I’d probably pick it up. It’s cute, funny, and totally insubstantial.

Also, whatever happened to “That 80’s Show”? I don’t even recall ever seeing an episode of it, it was so short-lived. Anyone know what it was about?

For the record, the timeline of the show is two years of real time equals one year of show time.

And I love That 70s Show. The pilot episode is probably one of the funniest things ever.

Well, since no one has answered one of the OP’s questions, I’ll go ahead: the season premiere will be October 29th. As with 24, they’re waiting until after the World Series to start the season.

That '80s Show was simply horrible. Other than a similar title and the same creators/producers there was no connection between the two shows. The show was simply a collection of cliched gags on how stupid people acted/dressed back in the 80s. They forgot that the appeal of That 70s Show is in the characters, the fact that they are dressed in 70’s era clothes and say 70’s era things is not the focus of the show.

As for what time it is on the show, last year’s season finale took place in June '78. It will likely be no later than September '78 at the start of this season, depending on how they deal with Red’s heart attack.

It annoys me greatly when people think the time line of a tv show has to be in sync with real life. It doesn’t have to be. A show could be running for ten years and it could have been based on a month of the character’s life.

Especially in That 70’s Show. Given the many many clues about how they get stoned, you REALLY shouldn’t expect them to be in the same timeline as us. Or even in chronological order, as it is.

But getting past that, I hope it’s not just me, but when they said Fez had to go back to his country (wherever THAT is) I knew, I just KNEW he was going to marry someone and stay in the country.

It’s not a half bad show, but it’s not one of my favourites either. I could do without it.